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Lack of Customer Service Lock Rss

Please tell me it is not just me that manages to find all the dosgy places to shop that have no customer service what so ever. Let me tell the story, July 28th this year, I ordered a tiny letter inital for my necklace from a chain jewllerey store not mentioning any names, and I still have not heard back from them telling me if they have it or not. So I decided to ring them and tell them just how unhappy I am about this, all I got from the manager is that she left a message with someone to say the letter was there, when I asked who she left the message with she could not tell me. The only adults in our house are myself and my fiance. She then proceeded to say well I can hear someone else in the background, meaning my two yr old DD, I had to explain to her that that was indeed a two yr old if she couldn't make out that tantrum then she really needed her hearing fixed. After saying all this she asked me if I would be buying the silly little initial or not and I told her taht it would have to be awfully cheap for me to buy it, and she said oh no it would have to be at full price, which mind you was $130!!! I said no way and she said suit yourself and hung up! All this on top of a six month wait to get a band on my watch fixed at the same place. I'm just a bit agro!
I hope this is kind of clear for you all, Does this happen to anyone else or is it just me???

Jo, Emily 2/9/04 & Will 13/5/06

That would make me so mad! I don't know if I would leave it there though, I would probably make a complaint to the Head Office or something.

My mum ordered a table at a furniture store and they said 'we'll call you when it's in.' She waited and waited and went to see them and they said 'oh you were supposed to come and get it, we told you it would be in, in a week." Mum was so annoyed, they sold the table and she won't be ordering another one. My sister was with her when ordering so she knows they said they would call.

Some stores are really good with customer service and others just dont care.
I just had to reply to this one.....
I know it's been a while between posts but this really hit a chord. My DD says I always complain, and she is absolutely right , I do. If I think something does not deliver on what they should I'm very capable of standing up and saying so.

What her comment taught me was that I should be equally thankful when someone/something delivers just what I should expect.

I got quite a kick when I rang a restaurant recently to thank them for a great meal etc, when I asked if the person I was speaking to would please pass on my comments to the manager, she was very happy to let me know that she was in fact the general manager of the company (they have about 5 restaurants) and would be pleased to let her staff know about my feedback. I didn't get anything out of the experience other than feeling good that the people that deserved a good wrap for their efforts got it. Very satisfying!!!!

I guess we can all learn from this in a way. It's easy to complain, but lets think about giving praise where it's due.


I had really bad customer service at this big store. My husband's footy presentation was coming up and I had to buy a dress. Saw one that I really, really loved but they didn't have my size. Asked saleslady if they could get my size sent over from another store. No answer but said after going away for a while that there was one available in my size at another store. She neva mentioned that they could get it brought in so I just assumed that they couldn't do it. Anyways, I rang the mentioned store and low and behold they didn't have my size so lucky for me that I rang. Not happy with getting the run around (for this very popular store) I went back to the saleslady and told her that they didn't have my size at the store she mentioned and she just shugged her shoulders. I was livid and told her that I was a customer willing to spend $$ in their store and she wasn't being very helpful - told her I really liked the dress and would like to know if another store had it in my size and where. She said to me well you should have asked and I could have gotten it sent in from another store... WHAT THE??? I told her that was the first question I had asked her obviously she was not listening and really didn't want to help me at all. I also asked her if what I was wearing was not appropriate for the store to get some respectful customer service!!!! Anyways, I told her that I wouldn't bother spending the $300.00 it cost for the dress because that meant it would mean she would get a sale and I couldn't bother with snobby people. As I left the store I noticed that another lady who was in the same section as me ended up putthing the dress she was looking at back and also headed straight out the door not wanting to buy there either after hearing the exchange of words. Anyways, I ended up finding another beautiful dress for $200.00 less and even had $$ left over to buy myself a pair of shoes to match. The old snobby cow ended up doing me a favour in the end and she doesn't even know it.
Oh, I have never entered that store again and never will.
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