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You do not know me.

But I become a member around September this year.
This web sit has really help me alot.

You have thing like:-
Caring for your baby.
Baby's Development
Links to other web sites.
Product range that huggies have.
Special offers.
and much much more.

Most of all, you get to talk to other mother that have or are going through at the moment.
Becoming a member has really help me get over some really bad time.

I like Huggies nappies web sit. Because you get alot more info out of it, about things that you need to know about. to help your baby or babys grow and develop.

Thank you for having a look through this web site.
I really enjoy it,
I hope you will become a member one day and enjoy it, as much as I do.

Did you get any commission from Huggies for this post?

Sounds like a commercial to me! NO wonder there was no response...look at the date of the original post!

so funny

i dont know why but it is

Post deleted by administrator.
Leo Im with you. WHAT THE????? hehehe
i dont know what it is about either but it sounds funny the way it has been written hehe
Part copied & pasted from somewhere lol, left off a few letters here & there, what was the purpose though???

How the hell did this get into the first page of todays threads????????

Post deleted by administrator.
Ummmmmmm W.T.F??

OMG we can't say W.T.F anymore!!

[Edited on 16/09/2007]
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