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Yay! I've been looking for this subject for the past 5 months! I am also an older mum. I turned 44 the month before my DD was born. I was also once a young mum. Three DS's my first at 17 years old.

I love being an older mum. A lot more tiring but am lucky DD is such a good girl!

oops didnt realise that I have already replied to this previosly
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mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Wow I didn't realise so many "older" mum's here. Great to see that we have simular aged kids so we can relate to some of the things older kids do as well as the younger ones.

I am 38 nearly 39
Have a 21yr Girl(who has 3 kids of her own), a 14yr girl, 13yr girl, 2 1/2yr boy & 15 mth girl

I think second time round is easier (after you refresh yourself with the basics lol)

mum to 5

well im a 'young' mum, im 22 with a 2y/o n due again in October, but i just thought i would post ne way.

I don't think age should be a factor when becoming a mum (apart from the extremes - like being 65 or 13) just because you are an old or young mum doesn't determine whether you love and care for your baby ne more or less than ne one else.

My friends mum, he is 24 and his mum who is the same age as you, kwaussie, had a bubby girl last year (she know has 9 kids!) i say well done n enjoy every moment! smile

ps: sorry for butting in!

Hello ladies,
I stumbled across this today, there are plenty of older mums out there.
I am 42 and have an 18yo dd, 16yo ds and a 16mth old dd. I look forward to chatting to you all more about yr older kids as well as the little ones.

I,m an older mum too, I am 41yrs and have a DD23,DS19,DD10,and DS14mths. I feel the same, you remember some things but forget others,plus techniques have changed so much now. One thing i couldnt get over was how many differant sorts of things there was to choose from when buying stuff. I live in Sydney and would love to chat to other mums. Please feel free to PM me.


Okay so I am only in my 30's but I can relate to the age gap thing, Timone will be 13 in January and Pumba is 14 months old, and I can totally relate to having forgotten somethings lol, I am now thinking that my first must have been such an easy baby (but I know he wasn't ha-ha) because sometimes I am at a complete loss with this one lol.

Leigha''s little men smile

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