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Old Mum!! Lock Rss

I have the opposite problem to the young mum posting further down. I came out of retirement to have my son Taine who is nearly 12 weeks old. He was born a month before my 46th birthday.
I also have two daughters, one 19 and one 12, so its been a long time since I had a newborn and while some things you never forget ( like the delivery !) it's amazing how many baby caring techniques I have forgotten. Maybe it's because these first few months are so foggy from lack of sleep.
Anyway, I'm enjoying everyones posts and if there are any other 'oldies' out there I'd love to hear from them so I don't feel like such a freak!

come out of retirement to have a baby at 45


Not really an old mum yet, still not a young mum! I am 30, I have 4 babies. I some times feel like I have been here for about 40 years. I have a four year gap between all of the kids. Sam is 13, Levi is 9, April is 5 and Liv is 15 months.
I have no idea how I worked it, but I really like it the way it is.
I was with my ex for 10 years, and am now married to a wonderful man (Liv's daddy) and we are thinking about planning our next one!

I don't think it matters what age you are a mum forever.....and with heaps of hugs and kisses, its not really something you can fail at smile

So you are not a freak smile

Full time mum to Sam, Levi, April and Livvy QLD

Hi smile

My name is Tracii, I live up here on the Central Coast & turn 40 next week!

I have a 25 yr old daughter ( with a daughter turning 1 in November ) & two sons 19 & 12...

Last year I gave birth to another son who has just turned 1!

It's madness smile in the nicest way.. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired!

I definately don't have the energy of a 25 year old anymore smile but I wish I did!

It was start from scratch ALL the way & now I tell my husband we'll need to have another one just to make it financially viable smile ahahahahaa
He's very scared I'm serious!

It has truly cost us a small fortune.. Knowing our luck, if we did try again, we'd have a girl smile & we'd have to start shopping from scratch ALL over again! ahahahahaaha

Would love to chat more, I can be contacted @ [email protected]

Looking forward to hearing from you..


Tracii, NSW

Dear Old Mum,
I can identify with you I am 42 and have a 6mth old baby girl, also a 22yr son, 18yr son 10 yr girl and 5 yr girl although we did not plan to have such big breaks we have also lost a few babies Taleigha was my 11th pregnancy, I find one of the biggest things is other mums at my daughters school telling me how mad I was having another baby they could'nt understand how much we wanted another baby. At the Doctors visits was when I really felt old sitting next to the other expectant mums and seeing how young they looked made me feel quite old, thankfully my doctor was very supportive and said my baby should feel privalaged as she had an experienced mum and should settle quickly, he was right so far she has been a great baby and I put it down to me being able to recognise her cries so quickly, also there is always someone around to pick her up so no need to cry and the benifits of having older children is babysitting.

wa. 6mth girl

Hi there dont feel like a freak as there are many mums out there that are, shall we just a little older than most that you know. Well I didnt start until I was 36 and I'm now 39. I have twins,boy- girl and a 5 month old boy. All of my friends that I do have left started when they were much younger and their children are now in there early teens etc. In some ways it was good starting later as I got a hell of lot of partying done while I was younger and seen alot of places as well. As the saying goes you are only as old as you feel, yes there are days when you do feel very old but then you feel younge and fresh to. Dont worry I'm sure it'll all come back to you.

Where are all these spring chickens like us.
Thanks for the replies everyone. I don't really feel like a freak, just a bit of an oddity LOL.
Actually most of the time I feel pretty clever and proud of myself for producing this gorgeous human being.
I had a very supportive obstetrician too. Whenever I complained about anything he would say 'Stop your whingeing woman. Just because your birth certificate is older than everyone else's , doesnt make you special'. He was great and told me he loves looking after older mums because they have the experience and are usually more in tune and in control of their bodies.

come out of retirement to have a baby at 45

I am not quite an old mum, but sometimes feel like it. I am 31, but have a 24 yo sister in law who is constantly complaining about things to do with being a young mum. What frustrates me with it all is that half of her complaints are also relevant to older mums, but it is impossible trying to explain that to her. Things like: being embarrased at the ante-natal clinic because her first was an accident, and she was single (abit like me with my 3rd!!), feeling like nothing was planned, and it changing her whole life (like me and my 3rd)...etc. I am sure a lot of you older mums can relate to this...

Maybe we should start a "OOPS...even though we are older, it wasn't planned group..." I am sure we would get heaps of members... Anyone interested???

Lyndal, ACT, 6yo boy, 5yo girl, 8wk boy

Hi Di, I'm 36yo and just had my first child a baby girl who is now 16 weeks old. I felt like the oldest person at antenatal classes and in the hospital ward. But alot of my friends have also had their children in their 30s or are electing not to have children at all, which I think is a shame. And as you said you are only as old as you feel and I feel like a spring chicken.

Miriam,Qld, girl 28.07.03

dear old mum, you will do just fine , they don;t stay babies for long, before you know it you will be packing lunches for school. . I had 4 children then went back to work and after 2 years of hanging the washing at 11ok at night and a very messy house, I left my job so I could catch up on everything I mist out on with my kids (fun,play,school,time)ex:- and then had a suprise package, and then another, ages now 6 and 2 years and I love every minute. my kids ages 22,20,18,16,6,2. I truly think that older mums are more relaxed , contented and much more patient and that all adds up to a great mum. what more could our chilreren need.

shaz,6 children

Judy here with 3 children . I am 42 with a 3 yr old son - Sam. I also have 2 lovely twin girls Nina and Zeta who are 20 wks old. I love being a mum and don't want to be in the work force much at all. my husband & I are trying to sell our business so we can have more free time with the kids. My Husband is 52 , he recons he feel like 32,Ha Ha.All our children are special ivf babies, that is part of the reason why I am a older mum. It took 10 years to get our first.

All kids are sleeping and will wake about 7 am so i off to catch a early night. The girls have their 4 month needles tomorrow ,so I need all my energy to hold them ouch!!! Cruel to be kind.

Ihad a 43 yr old mum the anti natal class ( how had a girl) with 10 yrs between kids. Another friend is due any day 41 with a 5yr old. so your not alone these days it is very common to have kids when can sit back and enjoy the growth of children,
They so older and wiser not young and silly.

Judy,Qld 3yr boy & 20wk Twin girls

Hi, I'm 33 with 2 girls under 3 and I work in a shopping centre. The amount of young mums and really young mums I see hanging around each day is frightening. I'm soooo glad I waited until I finished uni, got a job,had far too many late and blurry nights, had incredibly handsome but incredibly dumb boyfriends,travelled far and wide, built a house, bought a house, and another, have owned countless cars (now a good one), learnt how to cook, learnt what my priorities are in life, had the courage and wisdom to laugh, make my own decisions, take on responsibility for my actions, speak my mind, look after the environment, have the patience a have a puppy, have the money to go on holidays, have the savings for my kids education, have supportive friends who will stick by the dirty nappies not run off to the latest concert.

Nothing can replace wisdom which only comes with age.

Christine,Brisbane,2.5yr & 3mth girls

i am a 38 yr old almost 39 mum to 3 boys most of my friends are in there 30's i came to motherhood late i had my 1st son at 34 , i wasnt so sure i wanted any then had 3 in 2 .5 yrears so i say never say never! my sister in law had her only daughter at 44 almost 45 . there are lots of us out there if you would like to email me do so at [email protected] bye

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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