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Is the price of Petrol affecting your lifestyle? Lock Rss

With the price of petrol rising steadily, with no end in sight i was wondering how other people are adjusting to it? are people walking or using public transport more? are people considering selling their cars to buy ones run on lpg?
i think that we were lucky in that we bought a new car about a year ago that runs on lpg, and dh's work pay for his petrol, i dont go out much and would probably never go out if i had to pay for petrol!
so how are you all coping, and how do your hip pockets feel? smile

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

Yeah the fuel price increase is not good. We live in a country area so tend to pay even more at the pump than they do in the city. Plus our public transport is pretty much non-exsistant so you really do need a car. We run 2 cars as DH needs his own for work so we mostly budget on getting his car to work and back as his job is a 80km return trip (usually 5 days a week) and then only use my car to take my DD to school and back and limit where else I go so we dont' then need to fill my car up much. But we are looking at getting DH another vehicle like a 4 cylinder as his is 6 cylinders like mine and also converting to gas or find a car that already has it done.

We use to love taking the kids out for drives etc just to get out of the house but this really can't be done either unless we do have to go out, its just so unfair that now each time we need to go out we really need to think about do we need to really go or not as the fuel is just too dear to keep forking out for etc!! We dont' have any shops in walking distance even to drive our closest shop is a 15 min drive from home so we can't save on walking which is a shame.

I wouldn't say that it is affecting my lifestyle yet, but I would say that I do think about whether I go to the park on the other side of the suburb or should we go to the local one.

Perhaps that means that it is affecting my lifestyle....


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