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Has anyone got any christmas traditions they do every year? my friend has an advent calendar, and as this is my first babies second christmas i'd like to find something to run with each year...and to make it our special tradition.

Any ideas?

Mummy of 2 little angels. 6/6/03 & 3/8/05 & No 3


We do christmas stockings each year, this was something my mum introduced.

We would open prezzies on xmas morning and then grab out stockings after lunch when there was nothing to do it kept the excitement and fun through out the day.

We would just put treats in them such as chocolate coins and a little inexpensive toy.

Until now we havent had the stability to establish one. However when we can we do enjoy decorating with Chrissy light, and have intentions of getting bigger and better displays as each year goes by smile

But it can be anything you want it to be, thats special to yoru family.

from going to mass (shudders), to when and how you open pressies or decorate the tree.

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.


i like to take my kids out to look at the christmas lights. this is my "thing" i like to do ever year. hubby doesn't always come (not his thing?!)although he did enjoy watching their little faces light up and hearing their comments and questions last year. the kids and i have a great time! i've always loved looking at the light displays, but it's so much fun to watch and listen to my little ones! i'm not sure about where you live, but it doesn't get dark around here until a LOT later in the summer, so i did find, and do find, that the ones 2 & under haven't exactly "lasted", but they still get to see 'some'.
i've also started our own little family tradition, where i let them choose a small tree decoration each year, and also we make one each together. the kids have so much fun and it can be so simple!...on my eldest's 1st christmas, i made "footprint angels". i placed his footprint centrally facing downwards (to make the body) and then again, at angles from the sides at the heel, to make the wings (i hope this makes sense!) then i drew around them and added bits with a pen and even glitter.... but there are plenty of things that you can make, just let your imagination run wild!!!
anyway, i hope i've helped! let us know what you decide to make "your" family christmas traditions...? wink

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

My baby won't be here for this Christmas so I've got another year to think about it.

When my sister had her first baby (he's now eight) I started a tradition where I made him a little cross-stitch Christmas tree decoration. I didn't think he had actually noticed that I did it each year but last year I didn't do it (I was too busy getting married before Christmas) and he has commented on it several times this year so now I owe him two!

I haven't really done anything for his sister (her first Christmas was last year) or his brother (this will be his first Christmas) but I would like to so that they each know how special they are to me.

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We have a christmas tradition (or did have when we were all still at home) of opening one pressie on christmas eve (usually the one with chocolates in it).

I didn't have a star for the top of our tree, so I let Paige pick one for the tree, so I could let her choose a special decoration each year for the tree. Start our own tradition.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

Its funny, but most of our traditions are just what I grew up with in my family. They will just get passed on and on and on....

I hope you all enjoy Christmas with your families.


Hey Jessies Mum.
This will be my sons second Christmas.
Every year we have a real Christmas tree.a tradition I started many years ago after leaving home because as children my sister and I always had a fake tree,which was something I did'nt want as an adult.
For Flynn's first Christmas we gave him an engraved tree decoration.This Christmas he will be given another decoration and this will continue every year,hopefully he will continue with this tradition when he has his own family.Choosing the Christmas tree will be a new experience this year,as he gets older I think that this family tradition will get more exciting.

I hope these ideas were helpful.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

Mother of Flynn,Auck,NZ.

Mother of Flynn,Auck NZ

1st of Dec. Advent calender, new pj's and Letter from Santa (we go get a photo with Santa and mummy or daddy secretly get given these by the elves at the shops)
1st weekend of Dec. Christmas Tree Goes up
Middle of December. Christmas Pageant and we cook fruit mince pies and make gingerbread reindeer
24th of December. We have a The Santa Clause Movie marathon, have party pies, pizza's, sausage rolls, spring rolls for dinner. Then go walk around the streets looking at lights.
25th of December. Christmas stockings at the end of the bed get opened up when they wake (always get a book or a coloring book and crayons/pencils) Breakfast is chocolate chip, banana or apple and cinnamon pancakes. Santa sacks are under the tree (presents in there don't get wrapped, Santa doesn't have the time. The sacks has their name and from Santa on them.) and presents from us are wrapped. We spend the whole day at out house.
26th of December. Mid-morning/lunch is spent with my partners side of the family, and late afternoon/evening is spent with my side.
31st of December. tree always goes down
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