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I was very amused that the only message from me that has been moderated (ie not imediatelly displayed) was one that mentioned cloth nappies. Coincidence............ wink


Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

Can anyone explain to me why a message is moderated??

Sorry i am only new here and havent read all the fine print in detail smile

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

Hey There,
Iam not a modertator or anything just a member, but i thought id just pop my head in and say that still some of my messages i post are moderated and i have been a member for alittle while now, so its not just your posts it most of ours aswell,
not trying to sound rude or anything just trying to put your minds at ease that its not just your posts that get moderated mine and other peoples do aswell

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

LOL taneesha, no offence taken, i just was wondering why some posts were moderated and some not, are there key words or something that the site is designed to pic up?

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

Iam not to sure sharon, i know the reply i made here b4 i had to wait untill it was mooderated, maybe there is coz ii know some posts i make come up straight away others dont have to wait for them to be approved

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

Hi there,

In answer to your question regarding "Why is a message moderated?", this is done automatically not by subject matter but by using key words. We do this to protect our members from unpleasant language, advertising (Except in the Promote Your Business forum) and unwanted spam. We try to deal with these posts quickly but of course we can't be online 24/7.

It's great to see so many new members enjoying the forums and we look forward to your continued participation on Huggies Parents Exchange.


Lauraine (The Moderator)
Thanks Lauraine. I fully understand moderating because of the reasons you stated but am curious as to why cloth nappies would be a key word to trigger moderating.


Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

Hi Lauraine, thanx for letting us know. Im still trying to work out they key words tho lol, and guess this means i had better watch my typing (im shocking typise tongue)

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.


I was also modorated when I talked about na.pies. I was silly and put in some websites about them and they were taken out. Of course it is because we are on the Hug.gies site and they want us to use their products... wink


Sooz, Sydney, Benjamin 1/5/04 & Keira 15/9/06

Hi Lisa,

I'm sure you can appreciate that since nappies, among other things, are integral to our business we like to see what our members are saying about them (cloth or disposable). The most effective way to do this is to trigger the moderation process.

I hope that makes things clearer.


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