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Yesterday i came home to find a tommee tippee bath book in my letterbox courtesy of Huggies. I would like to say thankyou very much. The play mat is an item by baby has enjoyed very much, he will love the bath book too.

Once again, thankyou. I was having an ordinary day but the delivery made it a little nicer.



I also got the bath book yesterday. What a lovely surpise. Thank you so much. My little girl also loves the play mat and we use it every day. Thank you once again.

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Just being nosy, but what bath book??
I ordered a play mat which took a few weeks to arrive. You had to collect bar codes from Infant nappies and/or barcodes from the next size up nappies (can't remember what size they are) and pay five dollars. Some of the play mats took a little longer to get to some people. Because of this, huggies sent out Tommee Tippee bath books to apologise for the delay. Good business i think!!


Thanks Super for letting us know. Didn't want to think I was missing out on something!

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You're welcome Abs.


where's mine???

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don't need it, but now i want one

Huggies Mum abroad!

Well I've obviously given you a bogus address then, I got ripped off too.
did you have to sign up for something???

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