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We are looking at getting a German Shepard Puppy and would like to hear from anyone that has a dog of this breed or that has a Dog and little kids.
I would love one and think it would be great for my kids to have a dog (we only have 2 cats) but am worried about all the bad publicity dogs have been getting lately about attacking children.
Can you really trust them around the kids if they have grown up with kids right from a little puppy???
What are your opinions?

Mum of 3 year old boy and 1 year old daughter

Hi HeatherC

The only opinion I can give you is look into the puppys parents background are they good with kids? My sister has a Rotti, he was 3 when my neice was born so he wasn't bought up from a puppy with her around. He is really good with her.
My mum has a labbie and she just loves kids and vice a versa. When ever I go to visit Paige is always following her around or the other way around. Labbies are great with children.
Also I think it is important that you teach your children what they should not do around a dog and what behaviour is not right (eg. patting while they are eating, teasing, poking, don't wake them if they are asleep).
I personally would never leave a child unattend around a dog not matter how big or small. They only have to do something that they know they are not suppose to do and may get bitten.

I hope this helps.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

We have a ten year old Huntaway (like the one on the Toyota/Bugger ad).
He's always been good with our nieces & nephews, even when they hit him or pulled his tail. So we had no concerns with him when we had Mikki.
I think it depends on the dogs personality as well as the breed. Maybe ask about the temperaments of the pups parents ??? And how they are with kids.
Hope the cats will be ok to the puppy, they might just gang up on him!!! lol
Happy puppy hunting


Hi Heather

I have a 14 month old daughter and two dogs - a labrador and a mini foxy. Both were here before the baby. Pets and babies can mix, it just requires supervision.

A puppy is going to be like a new baby and you wouldnt leave a new baby with young children.

Definately check the background of the parents out. That is often a good indication of a puppys temperment.

I do leave my little girl sort of alone with the dogs, im usually just in the other room. She isnt that interested in them any more and they arent that intereseted in her now.

Kids love dogs and they certainly enrich their lives.

Go for it but be prepared for more work.


Jeanie, QLD, toddler girl and boy and pregnant

In reply to your post about dogs. At our school 2 days ago my nephew (6yrs) was walking past a German Shepard which was tied to the fence. The dog turned and bit him on the thigh. It broke the skin and caused terrible bruising. He did nothing to antagonize the dog and this dog has been at the school every day for the last year. I think this just goes to show that NO dog can safely be trusted with children without supervision. Under no circumstances would I ever leave my children alone with any dog. It most certainly is not worth the risk as they can on the odd occasion be unpredictable. It only takes one bite which can be fatal and life altering. I have grown up with German Shepard's and have bred 2 other breeds. So I do not dislike dogs, I think they can be a valuable addition to any family, just use common sense and never leave a child unattended no matter how much you trust a dog, or you may live to regret it.

Dallas, WA, 11mth, 6 & 7 Yr.

We have an 18mnth girl and two maltese dogs aged 11 & 10. up until 2 months ago we also had a 12yr old German Shepherd. The shepherd was one of the most placid dogs you could meet. Even with his age and ailing health he never attacked our little girl even though at times she wasn't very gentle. the most he ever did was turn and growl then walk away.
our maltese our more of a threat to her (i think they feel more threatened because of the size difference). Having said that, they try to keep their distance and when on the odd occassion Keira steps on them etc and they do turn on her, they have never broken the skin. It's just enough to make her back off.
If we didn't still have the maltese , we wouldn't hesitate in getting another German Shepherd puppie.

Good Luck

Wendy, mum to Keira 07/05/03 and Georgia 24/01/05

My fiances' and I are having this same arguement at the moent with getting a dog for our son. My partner wants a big dog like a german shpard and i want a small dog like a shitzu or maltese. THe main reason i don't want a big dog is because i was bitten by a rottweler when i was 7 and have feared dogs ever since. My partner keeps telling me when u grow up with a dog then u get used to its habits and the animal gets used to urs, plus the memories.
I had it my way i would have a cat but if we have a dog a small dog would be better. plus our son have developmental delays and would help his development alot more. plus his 2.5 yrs and he only furniture walks so having an animal around would be great for his motor skills
i hope we sort out this situation with which dog to get.

Tanya qld, 2.5yr old boy

I think I agree with Wendy's comment about the small dogs feeling more threatened by kids and therefore being a bit meaner to them.

I know that it all depends on the nature of the dog but my Mum has a little dog who is really lovely except to the little kids. She is always trying to lick them and jumps up on them all the time. My niece is pretty scared of dogs because of it. The dog seems to know that she's scared because she chases her more then any of the other kids.

I've also found that little dogs are more inclined to yap non-stop which can scare kids. My big dog has a booming bark which makes the kids jump but then its over whereas the little dog keeps yapping so the kids worry about it more.

Maybe you could talk to a breeder about the right breed to get and to get help finding a nice natured one.

Mum to Caitlin & Owain

We have a labrador and a mini foxy and yes the small mini foxy does make more noise and is more excitable than the bigger labrador.

I love both dogs and think of them as my first children but if I was to get another dog in the future I would not get a small dog again. She is the boss of the house and even dominates the labrador, but bothe dogs are very good with my 15month old daughter.

Pets are great for kids. My daughter will fetch the dog bowls at breakfast and dinner and I will feed them and she carries the small bowl over for the mini foxy. She genuinely shows affection to them, giving them a hug and kiss before going off to bed.

I think she has also learnt to share my attention, because often I am palying with the dogs and she wants something and she will wait or join in.

Supervision and training of both animal and child is essential.


Jeanie, QLD, toddler girl and boy and pregnant

Hi Heatherc

We have a 3 year old german shepherd and a 15month old boy and find that we have had few problems. I agree with the previous posters, though - leaving kids and dogs together without supervision isn't the best option, as both can be unpredictable. Our german shepherd is great with our son but she is still a very big and excitable dog, so we don't leave them alone together. Dog training is a great idea especially if you are start it early in the pup's life. Personally, I love having a dog in our family and wouldn't have it any other way.

James' Mum

Heather, I have a 17mth old girl maddison and we also have a dog, only a little one- He is a Pomeranian. They get along excellent. we already had our dog when I had Maddi so we were a bit worried that he would get jealous. We kept up with giving him attention and now they play tug of war together, they share everything, Maddi has som and Ted has some, she will have a good imune system anyway!!
We can luckily say we have never had any trouble with them both. you just have to be careful what kind of dog you get and make sure that they are treated equal, dogs get very jealous just like us!! Good luck!!
Hi Heather,
I have a 5 y/o german shepard and a 2 1/2 y/o son and even though our dog has never shown any signs of aggression towards Tye I have and never will trust him around Tye! Although some individual shepards are gental it depends on their upbringing. As Tye was our wee surprise our dog had previously been trained as a gaurd dog, We did however have a Bull Mastiff who unfortunatly died 1 month before Tye was born (cancer) and he was the most gental kind natured dog ever and we will be getting another one as soon as we can find the right one!!!
Like has already been said, check out the parents and get the puppy as young as you can so that it's natural for the dog to have children around (or on it, lol)If you just keep looking you'll no doubt know the right dog when you see it
Liz smile

Elizabeth, NZ

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