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Helping Students out who are studying to be midwifes Lock Rss


I answered an ad off a website that someone posted saying that they are studying to be a midwife and have to study pregnant women

The lady and another midwife came over to our house the other day (initially I was a bit concerned about inviting someone over who I had never met) but she did seem quite nice

What I felt I wouldn't be comfortable with is the midwife suggested I take this lady along to my ob appointments and let her feel where the baby is. Whilst I do know people have to learn I wouldn't feel comfortable taking this person I don't know to my appointments with me.

Does anyone think the same or am I a little strange? you can also have them present at the birth with you, which i don't think so that is a time for my husband and I.

I guess I am starting to wonder why I answered the ad. Has anyone ever answer such an ad?




melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Melly, I'm with you, I think it all sounds a little strange.

I have a few friends who are nurses and one studying to be a midwife and she does it through the hospital she works with.

Whilst I was pregnant with my son, I had a few trainee midwifes at the public hospital, I was always asked first if it was okay if they sat in and asked again if they were going to touch me (like to feel the baby).

With my second son I went private so all my appointments were with my OBGYN but during the birth, there were a few trainee midwives and trainee OB's and I was asked if that was okay.

Is this group training to be home birth midwives? Anyway I find it strange they have to find their own clients, I'd look into a bit more, pregnancy is a personal experience and do you want to share it with someone who is making you feel uncomfortable already?

Where did you see this ad? Joelle

Jo, Sydney mama of 2 boys

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