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i'm still a member of the huggies baby club from my last pregnancy and had sometime today to have a look on the site. Looking thru the forum topics and then doing a search i was interested but not surprised to find nothing on neo natal death or stillbirth for that matter. I miscarried twins in april 2003 then had a normal pregnancy and term birth of my son OSCAR in Feb 2004 but due to labour complications he died 7 days later. I'm pregnant again and due jan 2005 but with all the "important issues" on the forum, as always mums who's babies die a frequently forgotten!!!!
Any thoughts!!!!!!!

oscar 25 2 04


I am very sorry to hear of your losses.

Although I have never lost a child I have miscarried twice. Both were early in the pregnancy and both between bub no1 and bub no2. I can understand your feeling of loss and grief.

Perhaps many people don't talk about their own experiences because they find it just too painful.

I know myself, i really don't bring it up unless I happen to get into conversation about miscarriage with people.

I happen to know that my mother- in-law lost a baby between no.2 and no.3 and she has never spoken about it at all. I only know because a family friend told me when I had my second baby. She has never even spoken about it to her own children!
I guess she finds it too difficult.

Perhaps you may find by being the first to post on this subject, that some other people will open up and share their experiences and feelings with you.

I wish you all the best with your up-coming birth.
I lost my first daughter just after she was born for no medical reason.I was full term and had a pretty normal delivery.But in the last few days before going into labour sensed that something wasnt right I remember telling my lead carer of my concern but she just fobbed it off saying being a first time it would just be nerves.I will never forget her saying after Cassandra was born she should of listened to me but of course famous last words.I look at it now and relized it happened for a reason that way.She would of been 10 next Feb and not a day goes by that i dont look at my 8 yr old and wonder what she would be like now.Only I was blessed with ever really knowing her and thats a real gift.I now have 3 children 8,4,3 and am very blessed to have them as I have diabetes and they were all born very early 8-13 weeks early.Sometimes you just have to look at things and remind yourself they happen for a reason take out of it want you need to learn and throw the rest away other wise it will weigh you down.All the very very best for you and your partner with the new baby things will be fine this time round.Enjoy every moment.
Hi, Sorry to hear about your twins it must of been a very hard time for you and your partner/husband.

We lost one of our twins in May this year at 33w 4days. Though I am blessed with her little brother Luke who is now 5 1/2 months not a day goes by when I yearn for her. I miss her terribly and as time goes by it only seems to be getting harder and harder.
Everytime I look at Luke I wonder what Rhiarna would look like (they looked alike at birth) and what sort of personality she would have, would she suck her thumb like Luke or be naughty at night time. I can only sit and wonder as I will never know.

I was invited to another website called http:/
The parents on this website either have lost a singleton or 1 twin or both. It's been great to be able to talk to other parents in the same situation and understand just what your feeling. It's also great and helps that I can post how I am feeling at anytime and there is someone who want's to listen.

Maybe you can visit sometime and read my story called "Rhiarna Grace".


i have not experienced this and can only imagine what a terrible time it was for you. i have several friends who have lost the baby quite late in the pregancy. one was a twin , the sister survived .it is a hard time on her birthday as it is hard to celebratea birthday on the same day as the remember what could have been. i can undersatnd the reason people dont bring it up as the memories would be bittersweet.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Oscar25204

We welcome your feedback on Huggies Parents Exchange. Although we don't have a separate forum for the discussion of Miscarriage, Stillbirth and loss of a child you will find topics throughout the forum that deal with these issues. Here are a few for you to look at:

<a href=">
<a href=" After Loss</a>
<a href=">
<a href=" Week Ultrasound no heart beat</a>

You can also find information on this topic in the Pregnancy Section of our website (<a href=" Complications</a>) where we provide some useful links to support services in the community.

Mums who have lost their babies, either during pregnancy or after their birth, are far from forgotten at Huggies. As major sponsers of the Bonnie Babes Foundation we aim to contribute to the support and grief counselling provided by this professional group to parents in need. On a more personal note, many of the Huggies team are Mums and Dads and can empathise with you, and other parents, over the loss of a child. No greater burden can be carried.

We wish you all the best for the future.

Kind Regards
The Huggies Team

I welcome your feedback.
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