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Does anyone else on here suffer Thyroid disease. Mainly Hypothyroidism (underactive)

I have posted in Hair Yucky and Falling Out. Please be sure to read it and get back to me as there are so many of us out there.



Belle, QLD. Son born 08/01/04

Hey everyone,

I had the same problem. The doctor told me its all hormones and stuff from being pregnant. However mine didnt stop, it has only slowed and my son is 9 months old. It turns out that it wasn't just pregnancy and breast feeding hormones but severe thyroid disease. Pregnancy can bring it on or make it worse. Thyroid disease is fairly common and if properly monitored and treated can give you minimal grief however I have it so severely that my levels were off the charts.

Symptoms include:

Weight Gain
Hair Loss
Dry Skin
Intolerance to cold

The list goes on. Please note that these symptoms are for an underactive thyroid. My particular disease is called Hashimoto's and means that I have to take Thyroxine for the rest of my life.

My advice to everyone is to ask for a blood test if you think you might have it. I wasnt diagnosed until about June/July, when my son was 6/7 months old. I was taking Ciprimal because we (the doc and i) thought i had post-natal depression.

The disease is particularly common in women in the 30-40 age group. The strange thing about my case is that i am only 19 and the doc thinks I may have had it for about 5 years.

Please read up on it and check with your doctors if you have any concerns



Belle, QLD. Son born 08/01/04

Sorry for the late entry but I only just found this topic!! a bit slow I know.... I was told I had Graves disease 12 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child and only 21. 3 months after my son was born, I went in for a Radioactive Iodine treatment which was meant ot regulate my thyroid and bring it back to some sort of normality. Instead it dissolved it completely - oh well - so now I am on Oroxine (thyroxine) for life as well. I currently take 200mg each day but when i am pregnant it can go up to as high as 350mg. With 3 kids I get tired quickly and sometimes wish it (the disease) would go away and I could feel normal. I do forget to take my 'pills' on occassion - busy busy busy- and pay for it the next day. I think these days it seems to be a common occurence during pregnancy along with diabetes. Mostly it goes away after pregnancy but for some, like us, it stays around. Good to see others out there have my 'problems'!!!! LOL

SMMB with 3

Hi all this has been great reading so to speak.
It does make you wonder with the docs being sooooo wrong incases and it makes you wonder how others go with them. I have been slowly putting on weight and some hair loss etc. I have just put it down to my gall bladder being removed but it has gotten ot me this weight gain so I'm off to see my doc to try and get some anwsers and hopefully a blood test to if and what is wrong well i hope nothing is but on the other I hope there is so it wont be my imagination about my weight gain.
Oh well keep us all up to date with things with you all.
hi all.

thanks for reading and replying to this post.
It has been a very difficult journey with this silly thyroid thing but i have finally overcome my weight gain and most of my hair loss.

I have gone from 73kg to 55kg safely, healthily and have gotten my thyroid disease under control. An endocrinologist told me that medicating the thyroid is like landing a plane, have to do it gradually, slowly and perfectly. That certainly seems to be the case.

As for the hair, well if i forget to take my medication for a few days, i start losing a bit again. Its the memory loss that really annoys me. I always get it back eventually but some days i cant remember why ive gone to the fridge or forget an appointment. Then again, it could just be motherhood!

Happy parenting

Belle, QLD. Son born 08/01/04

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