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Hey everyone!! I know yhis sin't a 'baby topic' and i apologise but i'm getting desperate!! I'm going to Oaks Day with a bunch of friends, and I have nothing to wear! I was very much looking forward to buying a new dress for the occasion, but I haven't found anything suitable! The price isn't really an issue (though I'm hoping not to spend more than $200) but i just can't find anything. I've been to chadstone and DFO ... NO LUCK!! I don't have long to find anything now ... time is sunning out! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanx heaps

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Hi Brandons Mum,

I think from recent posts you live around my area. Have you tried the glen shopping centre? I noticed last week that David Jones and a shop called crave has some great dresses.

What about Garfunkle at Chadstone, or are you worried that someone might have the same outfit?
Have you thought about wearing a suit (skirt & jacket)?

I used to go to Oaks Day each year for work, so I always tried to get a new outfit each year.

Hope this info has helped.

what is oaks day? i have never heard of it

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