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I only just found out about the Huggies Playmat offer and my daughter is just into crawler nappies.

I only have one barcode from Infant nappies and was wondering if anyone has any spare barcodes they could send to me?

Any barcodes would be greatly appreciated.


Angie, QLD, ds 2.5yrs & dd 6 months

Hi Angie,

Sorry, I can't help you, because I don't actually buy those nappies myself, but I wanted the playmat too, so I went and bought some barcodes off ebay. They didn't cost me very much at all, so I've sent away now for my playmat.
Maybe you could do a search on ebay and see what you find?
Hope this helps,
Thanks very much for the advice. I only buy huggies nappies as my daughter gets a rash from any other brand, but I didn't keep any barcodes! Will learn for next time!


Angie, QLD, ds 2.5yrs & dd 6 months

Hi Angie, You might also want to check the Newborn, Newborn Accessories & Equipment area, as they have a post in there about the huggies barcodes, with some ladies who still have some left.

Tracy, SA, DD 15/3/04 & TTC #2

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