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AmpliTube Track Not Exporting from FL Studio and new music library Rss

Has anyone had this problem, when you try to export a song, the only track that doesn't need to be exported is the one that has AmpliTube on it? I wonder if it blocks the track, since I've downloaded several trial versions. Note that all the effects used in the guitar recording were purchased, and so I didn't think it would be a problem.
I think it would be great to find a new library with music that can be easily imported to fl studio
I think that this is a problem that only you have, you should look online for the solution.
You're right Sally.
The export feature is only available with AmpliTube software version 2 and higher. Exporting is easy to do, and you can find it in the file sharing tab. You can even find video tutorials on YouTube for this. If you still have issues, just search the internet for the fix. It's your best chance to find an answer.
Has anyone used royalty free music library to download songs? They say it's free to use, but is there some catch? I would like to know if I can really use these sound effects in my videos without being claimed by others. I had problems like that before, and I hate it..."
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