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Hi! I just wanted to hear some experiences with the mirena as a birth control method.
We have a lovely 7 month old, and We aren't ready for another baby and I've been researching the Mirena but now I'd like to hear some personal experiences (side effects, good/bad) if that's ok.
Thank you.
There are lots of different opinions on it and different experiences but my own personal experience was horrible, wouldn't ever get it again. It hurt so bad putting it in and then it felt like I had a tampon stuck in there for a few months, intercourse hurt, and I bled every 2 weeks for a week. I went to docs so they can take it out but she couldn't find the strings so they sent me for a scan they couldn't find the strings on the scan, they sent me to a gynecologist to get it taken out, I passed out from the pain and it was still stuck in there so they had to numb down there and use surgical tools to remove it. Never again
I had one in for 12 months, hurt a little going in, but not too much more than a regular pap smear. I had a little bleeding in the days following, and then only a light spotting every couple of months. I had mine in for 12 months with no issues, I had it taken out easily and have had regular normal periods since having it out as we are TTC.
Everyone is different, I have friends who love it, and friends who hate it. It worked for me, and I will return to using it.
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