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Compulsory vaccinations... Lock Rss

So....what are people's opinions on the governments proposal to make vaccinations compulsory and if parents don't vaccinate then they won't receive child care rebate or family tax benefits?

Ah RS, you've done it again! My thoughts precisely!

We vaccinate our kids, but the idea of taking that choice away from parents and tying it to money just isn't right...And your right, if we really felt so strong about something the little bit the government gives out wouldn't persuade us otherwise.

I want someone who doesn't vaccinate to come in and chat smile Just as I am interested in the other side of the argument smile

Hmm the whole thing makes me cringe a bit and sounds a bit to much dictator sounding to me...
I am pro vacc but don't think this is the right way to go about it

Would love to know the stats of who the people are who choose not to vaccinate ie their background. And who this proposal would hit the hardest... I'm just wondering (without any data to back this up) how many are white middle to upperclass educated people who this new law wouldn't actually affect? As its suggesting the people who arnt v'ing are majority of those on benefits
I have a really good friend who is totally against immunisations. She is against it as she is quite a natural type person. She goes to naturopath's over doctors and is quite against pharmaceutical practises. She is white and an upperclass well educated person and believes she is making an informed and educated decision. Oh, she doesn't have kids smile But if she did she wouldn't immunise. She is also quite against so much of her tax money going to childcare rebate. Interesting I've never really put the two things together in my head until then...

I thought to be honest that even just getting money for vaccinating your child isn't really right...
Recent information showed you are right nursenellie. The majority who decide not to wouldn't be too bothered missing out on the money.

While I understant what they are trying to do I agree it just feels a bit like bullying! For those who this would effect they say often they don't vaccinate due to just not getting around to it rather then deciding not to do it so maybe it will encourage them to follow up.....
My DH is very much for vaccinating as he doesn't want our country to "turn into a third world country". And in that way I see immunisations as important....But they do make me nervous, putting the disease into my child's body. And to be honest, I try not to think too much about they side effects it can have as it would probably make me not want to immunise...I understand the science behind vaccinations....but....
I personally don't see that people who make the choice not to vaccinate will be those who rely on govt support financially. That being said - I'm fully supportive of vaccinating children and just did for my 8wk twin girls. The most important message to take from the proposed 'incentive' or 'dis-incentive' is to ensure we have a society that is free from diseases that can be prevented by vaccinating. When sitting in my GP waiting room with my girls prior to their 6 wk shots i did wonder if I was sitting next to someone who could potentially spread a cureable disease to my newborn children because they were not vaccinated and that quite frankly scared me to my core.

Weather my next comment is liked, in business money effects your desions and the same is applied in life, and this is another way that the govt can deliver their message of the importance of vaccinating (although there is another underlying agenda).
There is no one answer to this, but if this is one more measure that help's prevent one more child's death than I say implement!
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