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Going to get DDs hearing checked Lock Rss

I've written recently about DDs speech delay. Well more and more lately she just seems to ignore us so we're going to the Dr next week and I'm going to ask to get her hearing checked. I've purposely gone back to the doctor who said he wanted to see a huge improvement in her speech between 18 months and 2 because there hasn't been much improvement. DH is a little in denial and just keeps saying he thinks it's all fine. It might well be fine but fact is she's behind and we need to rule out other causes. DH then got a dose of reality today when a friend of mine posted a video of her child who is a few days younger then dd naming all of these pictures like "car, cake, clock, horse etc" there was probably 30 of them and he chatted in between. DH actually found it hard to watch. He knows my niece is clever and talks a lot but I've been trying to explain that she is actually quite average when you see other kids dds age. Hopefully it's all ok and the fact she says a few words means she's just taking a little while. Wish me luck!

Thanks RS. Yes I wanted to wait until she was 2 and she'll be 2 in a couple of weeks and not much change since 18 months... maybe 3 extra words?

Sounds like a good plan Steph. I agree, progress is what you are looking for. And if she isn't really progressing then your plan is a good one.

I think it can be so confronting for us to think something might need more attention in one of our children, but if there is a hearing issue then leaving it won't help your DD. I have a friend where her little boy had a speech problem (Can't remember the cause) And they drove him once a fortnight to the city (an hour away) for his speech pathology appointment and once a fortnight the speech path came to them. Such a huge lot of work at home was done and they worked really hard with him. Now at 12 you would have no idea he had a speech problem. Hats off to the parents!

When I was working I'd see kids with various issues and I would think "If the parents just showed some support half the battle would be won!" But a lot of them just refused to admit there was any issues, just made some so many excuses for their child.

Sorry, I have digressed here! A bit of a topic I find interesting....

Good luck smile
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