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One thing I know is I've always had great book recommendations on this forum! I was around when many of us huggies ladies read Fractured by Dawn Barker.

Currently I'm nearly finished Bellagrand by Paullina Simons. If you've read The bronze horseman (my fav book ever) this is about Alexander's parents. It's ok, not as good as some of her other stuff but an easy enough read and has kept me interested!
Next on my kindle is "the midwifes confession" by Diane Chamberlain. Anyone read it? Hope it's good. I read one other Dianne Chamberlain book on recommendation from this forum.

So what are you reading?? Anything mind-blowing that we should all get on to right away??

Ooo I love talking books!

Steph, yes I have read "The midwives confession" Loved it!! Have you read "The silent sister" by Diane Chamberlain? I really enjoyed it! I did pick part of the twist but enjoyed it so much!

I did read all the bronze horseman (think we may have talked about this before?!) and 'Bellegrand' and 'Children of liberty'. They didnt blow my mind but a good read smile

I've just finished off Sophie Kinsella's latest shopaholic book called 'Shopaholic to the stars' very frivolous and ridiculous, but an easy read.

I read a couple YA authors Gayle Forman and Denise Deegan. Quite easy reading again, feeds the inner teenager in me grin

RS, I've reserved the above mentioned books at the library and will let you know what I think of them!

Has anyone here read 50 shades of grey? or watched the movie?
50 shades really doesn't appeal to me so I never read it. Now my friend wants to see the movie and I really don't care for it to be honest. Not sure why...

I haven't read the silent sister mummsy. Now I can't remember the name...something with midnight in it. Where the older sister is killed.

Late last year I read an Aussie book called The Mothers Group. Anyone read that. I didn't mind that. It's based in Sydney's northern beaches.

I'm torn with the 50 shades...I'm not keen on the whole concept of the story (I've wiki it) but I'm intrigued with the characters...I believe Anastasia helps Christian deal with his own demons...that interests me. The fact he was abused and mistreated and then has a twisted view on relationships seems like real life to me...but the whole stigma attached to the trilogy is uncomfortable for me...

Yes, I did read 'The bay to midnight' that was a good one!

I did read 'The mothers group' by Fiona Higgins. It was a while ago, but such a haunting book from memory...

Yes the Mothers Group really kept me thinking about the story afterwards. A bit like Fractured actually. I think it was recommended to me because I read the Dawn Barker book actually.

Might add Still Missing by Chevy Stevens to my list. Thanks RS!

FYI I'm typing on my phone. My spelling and grammar has been shocking sorry!!

steph19 wrote:
FYI I'm typing on my phone. My spelling and grammar has been shocking sorry!!

Hahaha!!! I always have belly feelings when I look at what I've written when I'm on my phone!

I'm on our laptop now tongue

Have you read 'The slap'?
Actually no and I had that on my reading list ages ago but totally forgot. Did you like it?

I always find I don't love lots of popular books though. Hated the Time Travelers Wife (found it boring!). Didn't like The Lovely Bones. So now I tend to look at reviews from people with similar tastes.

I didn't really enjoy it...just someone else on here recommended it...

I love goodreads as it recommends books that are similar to others I've read so I usually just go with their recommendations smile
Raspberry Sundae wrote:
Just bought The Mothers Group for my next read - it was only $3.11 grin

Bargain!!!!!! grin
Raspberry Sundae wrote:
I haven't bothered with 50 Shades book or movie.

My sister said if you can look past the sex bits the story running underneath is quite good - although not all that well written.

My niece loved it wink both the book and the movie.

As for the movie - the only report I have had from someone I know was that she couldn't connect with the characters and came away feeling icky. She had not read the book so to a degree had no idea what is was about.

Yeah, think I won't bother with it...part of me just makes me feel so icky about the whole thing...but I'm terribly curious...I feel a bit intrigued by the whole concept..
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