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Its been a long time since ive been on here but its dead here. What happened and where did everyone go sad

mum to one goregous boy

I think it's a combination of quite a few things. Real life for some of the older members so they're not posting as often/their kids are that bit older now so they're not posting as often, there was a new forum created by some members a while a go now and quite a few have migrated over there as I understand it. Think they still drop in here sometimes but not as often as they used to. There hasn't seemed to be as much of the general chat stuff either, it tends to be more questions and requests for advice so I think that kind of slowed things down too - you can only answer a question/give advice if you can relate to the situation etc. It's also just the ebb and flow of the forum I guess.

Oh well thats a shame. Might have to find me a new forum too then. Bugger i really liked it here, never was able to get comfortable in the other forums ive tried. sad

mum to one goregous boy

Ill still hang around but might have to find a second option as well. Will still ask questions and give advice etc but ive been around the last week or so and its not the same. Loved that i could come on talk crap and get quick responses

mum to one goregous boy

I am new here so haven't really posted much as yet. But I will.

Oh, and Raspberry Sundae - why oh why do you have to call your ID that? LOL! Every time I see it I want a raspberry sundae. Hahaha!
Thank you smile
I wanted to change my ID but I don't know how. When I registered I didn't see an option for it.
Welcome hotpepper17!

I agree, RS does always make me think of yummy sundaes....
Welcome hotpepper17 smile

It is a bit slow around here these days, but when someone starts a chatty thread all the lurkers seem to come out and we can still have a good time smile

In fact, in the spirit of livening things up I think I'll start a game..

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Good on you zinkles! I'm going to start my usual game too now!
I haven;t had much experience on here so I am still trying to get the hang of forum's! Maybe I could have someone help with a few things to get me into the swing of it?

Also I only get on this at work so if there is a way of getting alerts on my phone then there will be no stopping me! x

*kathryn* wrote:
Its been a long time since ive been on here but its dead here. What happened and where did everyone go sad

Where in VIC are you?

Im in werribee. You can set it to get email alerts but ill be honest that i have no idea how as havent been around with all the changes made

mum to one goregous boy

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