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We had our 3rd baby 6weeks ago. I am looking into contraception. I have am not really wanting to go on the pill again.
What does everyone think of the iuds or the injection (depo I think but having a mental blank).

Any good or bad reviews are appreciated.

I have the mirena iud, it's been in for 4yrs now and I have had no issues with it - in the beginning it was painful, and you can bleed for awhile, but once it all settles it's all good.
I still get a period (some people don't), but it's only extremely light, so light that I only need to use a liner.

I have a copper IUD it's awesome, took a bit of getting used to initially (possibly more in my mind then anything) and my period is slightly heavier than before but otherwise it's fantastic.
Thanks ladies. Am thinking this might be the way to go. Have our 6week check up tomorrow so will discuss further with my Dr but glad to hear some positives with them both.

Hey I have a question concerning iud: Did it only hurt the day it was done or also during the healing process? I'm thinking about getting it done, but I'm not sure yet..
It didn't hurt as it was getting done, but the cramping afterwards was quite horrible - I can't remember how long the cramping lasted for, but I'm sure it was more than 2wks for me.
That doesn't sound pleasant at all...I will probably just stay with the pill for a little longer
I have a friend who got the implant and said it was terrible the following months after getting it. another friend had the loop thing and thinks its great but sometimes moves. personally im on noromin. I gave birth 2months ago and its great, I can control when aunt flow visits, it doest cause headaches and mood swings like others I have been on. also have a friend whos on the jab and she blames it for making her fat as when she stopped it for a while her weight dropped but picked up again after getting the jab again.
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