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Baby gender - has you scan ever been wrong? Lock Rss

Had our twenty week scan a few weeks ago. Was told I was having a girl. She could see three white lines is what she said. But this is my third and I had not even considered that it was a girl... Which is silly, when we realised we were pregnant again both DH and I just had another boy in our heads straight away. It hadn't even occurred to me it would be another girl. I have always just trusted my instincts.. If it's a girl, it's a girl lol.. No biggie. But can't shake that feeling even after a few weeks. So just wondering in this day and age if it's still possible for them to get it wrong?? Or if anyone has had it read wrong lately. Told girl and had a boy. Thanks guys ????????????
I could see the 3 little lines on scan, it was right, we had a girl

I've got 3 girls. Our first was a surprise but the other 2 we found out and we saw the 3 white lines clearly on both of their scans smile
Not me personally but a work colleague was told on 3 different scans that it was a girl. It was a boy.. they completely decorated for a girl. They had a priavte ob who assured them so he got some of his management fee back in the end!

I know someone who was told a boy and out popped Katie!!! They had done the same thing by prepping for the sex they were told. When she was pregnant again, they opted not to find out because of what happened first time round.
My cousin works in medicine and she's heard of it happening quite a lot where the patient was told the wrong sex.
Wow, thanks guys. Very slight chance but I can happen. I did mention it to my OB at my appointment after scan, and she laughed.. This is my third in three years so she's knows me pretty well by now.. She said that scans a pretty reliable these days but she's personally a believer in instincts as well. Aparently she had a woman about a year back who swore black and blue that the scan was wrong and she was positive it was a boy and then bam... Out popped the little guy. But I kind of thought it was probably a one in a million mistake.
Our scan was correct for our twins, we were able to find out the sex of our boy at a routine ob appt before the 20 week scan, our girl was in the wrong position so we didnt find out what she was till the 20 week scan, but they were right for both of them.
What do your boys think you are having? All the adults in my family were certain I was having a girl, but all the kids were positive on a boy(I was thinking the baby was a girl, partner was certain the baby was going to be a boy). Got my scan at 21 weeks(because the scan isnt bulk billed my US place don't actually let the scan be done prior as it isn't as accurate as they would like) sure enough, little boy smile
My US place have a track record of never getting it wrong because they wait so long. Theres some photos on Google Images that I can see why people would doubt results. Our scan looks as if my lovely partner was to sit on a scanner :/ so we're certain they've gotten it right lol
Its more common for them to mistake a girl for a boy in a morphology scan too, but because they have to measure the umbilical cord and find where it leaves the placenta and enters the baby its not as common to mistake the umbilical cord for some bits.

My advice would be have another scan at a different US place smile if you are on the Gold Coast there is a place in Miami that does the scans by students, so costs nothing and you can be sure of a second opinion from someone without the first clinics results smile

I Was told twice that I was having a girl with my second child, luckily i trusted my gut feeling that i was having a boy and didn't buy to many girly things because sure enough we had a lil boy =) they do say that those scans are never 100%
I'm having a 3rd boy! I think you're just in denial like I was for weeks as I desperately wanted a girl! I've had them check 3 times now & the boy bits haven't dropped off yet!? Lol I'd have another scan just for piece of mind & so u can get your head around having a 3rd girl! We all know happy & healthy is priority but I do understand where you're coming from & secretly hope it is a mistake for u! Good luck smile

With my third baby I was told at 20 weeks we were having a boy. I never doubted the scan as the technician said he was 98% certain.
During the pregnancy could not come up with a boys name and had no real interest in buying boys outfits for bub.
Day of labor we finally decided on a name only to find out a few short hours later that we had a girl. I wanted to surprise my husband who was not at the labor and in a phone call only told him his baby had arrived. He got the shock of his life when he got to the birthing center because he had already called family overseas to announce the arrival of a little boy ...oops!
I guess sometimes your subconscious just knows even if you don't. I am sure I am having a boy this time but have to wait another couple of weeks for the scan smile
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