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How are you finding "The bay to Midnight"?

It's awesome. smile loving it. smile made it through 45% last night so will see. Hopefully after about 1am I will get chance to read some more. If I'm lucky I'll finish it overnight tonight. smile

Need to figure which book to get next then. Lol.
Oh awesome!

I can't remember the twist at the end or the exact storyline but I really enjoyed DC "The midwifes confession" and also "A beautiful lie". I'm reading her book called "Reflection" at the moment, its not too bad.
Ok about to get back into my book. Lol.

I'll bear those in mind for next up.

I almost got midwives confession as saw that mentioned in the other thread too but since it was about suicide and I have my friends funeral tomorrow decided that topic hit a little too close to home at the moment. sad but I'll check out what the other ones about and read those. smile and I'll get to midwives confession sometime, just seems a little to close to home currently.
Well so much for finishing it last night. Ended up having a really busy night so only managed to read another 10%. Will finish it this weekend at the latest tho since we'll be away...
I'm really sorry to hear about your friend sad

"Necessary lies" is another good one smile

I'll look forward to your final opinion on "the bay to midnight"!

I like reading sophie kinsella for something light and fun, they are pretty frivolous but an easy read smile
Thanks mummsy. Very sad, hadn't spoken to her for a while and now I'll never get that chance again! sad wish I had tho and that I might have noticed something was wrong so I could have done more. sad such a shitty thing to happen. She was an amazing person and mother!

Something light and frivolous sounds awesome right about now! Lol.

I'll be sure to check them out and will let you know how I go with the bay at midnight. I'm not great at dissecting books but happy to read others thoughts tho. smile but I'll let you know how I find it. smile
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