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Kids left in car Lock Rss

Ugh. That makes me sick. And gives me anxiety just thinking about those poor kids all alone and so distressed sad just horrible and completely unacceptable.

Good on you 4S you absolutely did the right thing. I hope the police follow it through and he learns his lesson.
At the pub..? Bloody sickening.
That's disgusting, definately think you did the right thing going to the police! I hope they have followed it up!
And I'm pretty sure that the police are mandatory reporters so they have to report it to docs...
I think it's more than fair for you to report it to docs...what wasn't fair is that father leaving 2 young children locked in a car alone while he was in the pub!
Oh my! How terrible. I would panic if I was in your situation 4S, but good on you for going to the police about it and I hope tomorrow brings you good news. Those poor little children. It does make me feel very sick thinking about situations such as these and seriously in the pub - very sickening. I feel so much for the children and hope something good can come out of this - thanks to you!

I know what you mean. Anything to have them out of the car. I don't even want to think about those poor children. I can't handle my children crying in the car when I'm in the car with them, so I can't even imagine leaving screaming children in the car - not to mention how dangerous it is. Let us know how you get on tomorrow.

Next time break a window!

That's ok. I hope he feels better soon. It's never fun when the little ones are not well.

You should have broken a window, got the kids out and taken them with you to the police station! smile

I had a similar experience, minor the car when I was younger. 2 kids (only about 1 and 3) running around the carpark at work (which was on the corner of 2 very busy roads right next to a 5 road roundabout!) I ended up taking them inside and trying to work while looking after them. The poor things were starving, the sausage sizzle fundraising people outside gave them each a sausage and I ended up giving them my lunch. And found colouring pencils and paper to try keep them occupied. I phoned the police who said they would send someone. I looked after the kids for about 4 or 5 hours while waiting for the police! Then a women comes out of the bar/TAB from next door (this is like 6 hours after the kids were left alone) and snaps at them that theyre going, and then says "I supose you want some food" and the lady from the sausage sizzle said she had given them each a sausage so with no thanks or anything the lady grabs the kids and walks off. I was pregnant so not about to chase them as who knows what she would have done to me but I was pretty pissed the police had never shown up! (even more so considering their station is the other end of one of the roads my work was on and it would have taken them like 5 minutes to walk to me!!!) Felt so sorry for the kids.

Fingers crossed you get a better result!
I am obligated as a health care worker to call 911 if I see a child alone in the car. In our state it is illegal no matter what time of year. However once they reach a certain age of being a tween or teen, the lines would be harder to draw on whether it was appropriate or not. I personally would not leave my children in the car younger than age 12-14 because someone could still grab them and take them away. It's very easy to break into a car, esp if the windows are partially down. I would never leave any child younger than age 12-14 in the car, even if they were being watched by older siblings. It's just easier to avoid CPS involvement by not leaving your kids in the car.
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