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cake pic/4am discussion for those on shift work lol Lock Rss

So.. considering how long it's been I wanted to share my masterpiece. How's everyone going?

That looks awesome! Hope she has a good day smile
This was ages ago. I need inspiration for Squids 3rd bday in July. Thinking Peppa Pig. Anyone done one?

Ah bugger! Sorry, I'm a bit behind!! Haha haven't done peppa, know a couple of mummies have on here, just can't remember who. DD1 is three today and I'll be doing her a belated care bear cake as we are away. She wanted dora again, but told her to pick something else as she had dora last year.
I must have just missed the start of this thread after getting up for another overnight milk pumping session. But it's 5am and I'm up again, making milk for the smallest family member. Will be so nice when I can just wake to him, rather than an alarm clock!

The cake looks great. DD is 3 in June and I'm thinking of making her a Finding Nemo cake as this is one of her favourite things in the whole wide world. Peppa pig would be a good cake too smile

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The number one looks awesome!

Here's my Peppe Pig cake for DD's 2nd birthday....

From the look of your pic, my style would be too easy for you smile

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