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Would you go see a dr or childhood nurse? Lock Rss

If your child wasn't crawling by 11 months?

I worry on and off about dds development being a bit slow but today DH told me after visiting his niece that he worries about it. He said she acts like his neice did at 6 months old. He has always told me not to compare her to other kids so for him to say that worries me!
If shes on her belly she usually just rolls over or screams to be picked up. If I place her o her hands and knees she'll rock a bit but can't work it out. She doesn't say much except dadadada, no real other sounds. I won't even start on what my niece and other kids who were born within a week of dd do. Shes way behind all of them. And nowadays shes just cranky so often because she can't move or communicate her wants.
TBH I don't think my GP will do anything. He'll just say "all kids are different". I think I can still take her to the community early childhood centre so I might see if they can see me. What do you think?

I think you should take her to see the early childhood nurse or your GP or both. Even if it is just to lay your mind at rest and she is perfectly fine. Hopefully she is just one of those kids who does things in her own time.
I think she is still young and wouldn't worry at this point! DS1 was walking by 10 months but my friends DD didn't walk until 22 months, and another friends DS just sat on his bum until he was 16 months smile All so different! But if you have a mother intuition that something is wrong, go to GP. If it helps DS2 is nearly 19 months and he doesn't talk yet and other peoples kids have like 50-100 words!

She sounds perfectly normal to me. My son didn't crawl till 12.5 months. Didn't say much either just dadadada mumumumum.

My neice was totally different and walking by 11 months. All evens out in the end.

If you have any concerns, it can't hurt to mention it to the clinic nurses next time you see them, but I wouldn't be too worried (easier said than done).

My DS didn't start crawling until he was 13 months and isn't anywhere near walking (he's now 16 months and is only cruising). Having said that though, the community clinic nurses referred him to a paediatric physiotherapist when he was about 12 months because he wasn't weight bearing - turns out he has low muscle tone. I'm still not too worried. He'll get there when he's ready. My DD didn't walk until 18 months.

My little man DS2 wasn't putting weight on his left arm, as in pushing up. He was checked by a pediatrician, MCHN and a Gp and none of them noticed his bad shoulder (virtually dislocated).

I was super dubious about a chiro but after 5 visits and he's gone from a blob to sitting up well, pushing up and rolling.

While I do think she sounds like she is still in the range for normal development, its also very easy to say that when its not our bub.

If you will feel better having a chat to your CH nurse, even just to put your mind at ease, then I think its worth the appointment


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I wouldn't go and see a Dr or childhood nurse as yet.
Could you try a bit of tough love?
A friend of mine DS wasn't crawling until over a year old, but she openly said she really babied him, didn't like him to cry, and he didn't like laying down so she would always sit him up, and when he wanted to move he would shout out and she would go and get him.
So, for a few days she left him on the floor on his back so he had to move himself into whatever positions he could get into (this was when he was over a year) and I saw her a week later and he had started to crawl.
I know one of the milestones is sitting up, but I personally tried not to sit DS up until he could get into that position on his own, by which point he was in all fours and would get to sit from all fours and then sitting backwards.
The same friend also has a 3 year old daughter and she was saying the other day if she hadn't had the older daughter who is pretty full on, like my son, she would have thought that her DS was behind, or something was wrong with him by just comparing him to my son, but they are all different and develop at different speeds and different skills. Like her DS has amazing fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination, he can post pegs into a bottle no problem, where as my DS tries a couple of times and is way off, and then gives up.
Hope this helps! smile

The other person you could look for is a paediatric physiotherapist, you can pay privately for these and they will be able to look at your LO and assess if there is a biomechanical reason things aren't progressing. As well as giving you ideas to assist!
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