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What to wear to a wedding when Breastfeeding Rss

Hi Ladies,

I have my sisters wedding in April and the wee man is due in 6 weeks. So am starting to think about what I can wear to the wedding when I am breastfeeding (all going well). Would love to see what others have worn to weddings when they have been breastfeeding if you have any links or pictures.
Can't decide if a skirt and top combo would be best or if there are particular styles of dresses I could get away with.
Thanks! smile
Hey I'm bf and had my daughters christening not long ago and have a cpuple of weddings coming up. I'm not sure what stores you have there but there there is a bit of a trend of zip front dresses. I bought mine from Portmans. I'll post a couple of links in a minute.

Here are some ideas to look for. Jersey/low neckline would be easy to get your boobs out of. I tried finding dresses with button fronts but had no luck but fpund heaps with zip fronts (like the cue dress above), its a bit of a trend at the moment so might be worth buying now because this made feeding pretty easy at the christening.

great thread! I am in the same boat at the moment. A wedding in march with a 12 week old. My boobs hardly fit into anything as it is unless its a tent....
Ooh, I was going to make the same thread! I have been worried about finding a dress to BF in as I'm usually pretty fussy as it is! Strapless could be the go I reckon.

Thanks for the links steph. I love these 2 from Forever New:
this one is gorgeous - The price isn't though! FN's prices are a bit steep for a chain store. Hopefully that one goes on sale within the next month!

I think the other thing to consider is the fabric to avoid milk stains. My DD has a habit lately of pulling off to have a look around at a noise, DF, the TV...anything really and leaves me dripping!

Thanks Ladies...this has been helpful! I love the crochet maxi from forever new....will have to check out the store in NZ and see if they have anything...I hadn't thought of there. That's what I had thought - by the time I want to start checking out dresses there might be nothing left which is why I wanted to start looking now...although a little hard to remember what I looked like before I had this bump haha and hard to imagine what dresses will look like without one (well atleast such a big one) smile
OC1246 wrote:
great thread! I am in the same boat at the moment. A wedding in march with a 12 week old. My boobs hardly fit into anything as it is unless its a tent....

haha this is what I worry about - my boobs struggled to fit into a lot of dresses before I fell pregnant so I can only imagine what it will be like when they are full of milk!
The zip down ones I've seen and have usually have nice thick sleeves so you can wear a decent bra. Plus I got one from Portmans (not on their website anymore) for my dds christening and it was a nice structured fabric so my boobs didn't look weird in it. Just unzip and done!!
Yes be careful of boning its hard to get your boob out of. There are plenty of maternity styles but I found they looked too much like maternity dresses rather than breastfeeding. I'm not pregnant anymore and didn't have a belly 2 weeks post baby so they all looked really saggy in the belly area.

I am bf & went to my cousins wedding in december. I wore a skirt & top as this is how I felt comfortable. The top was easy to pull up to bf. I actually bought 2 tops with me incase I leaked everywhere, but didnt need 2nd top. Hope u can find what suits you. smile
I wore a line strapless which was fantastic, covered my mummy tummy so i felt really comfortable and the fabric was a lil stretchy so i could just pull down dress at the top and bf, was really comfortable and dressy enough for a special event.
Also egg maternity has lots of lovely bf dresses have a look on their website smile
GL girls who are looking for something.

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