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Anyone familiar with sty's? Lock Rss

Hi there,

Try some warm salty water on a washer and hold on the eye for a few minutes. It helps to draw out the puss and hopefully will drain itself.

Also if you have some baby shampoo you can rinse her eyes with that and warm water. It also helps to clear blockages in the eye, and is gentle on your lil ones eyes.
Hope it improves soon.
yes, i got them often as a child and my gradma would boil some fresh chamomile flowers and then use the tea from it. she would dip a cotton ball in the tea and gently place it on my eye and then wipe it away from the nose. use a clean cotton ball each time.the heat (it has to be hot but blow it so that it doesn't burn her) pops the pimple thing and it is gone within a day or two.

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i used to get sty's all the time and my mum would put drops of cooled tea in my eye as soon as a sty appeared and did that every few hours and the sty would ease up within 24hrs. i use cooled tea now as an adult if i get one but havent done that for my kids as yet (havent needed to so far).
they certainly know how to over react hey smile my dd acts like im commiting murder when I try to take a bandaid off her, she screams so damn loudly and thrashes around and I have to actually restrain her to do it, its so rediculous. Anywho just wanted to say to keep an eye on how she reacts after you have put the eye drops in as I actually tried to use eye drops for conjunctivitis once (instead of my tea, thought I would follow dr/pharmacist advice for once) and I found I was really allergic too them, my eyes were instantly itchy the moment the drop hit my eye and they got horribly itchy in the moments after I put the drops in and wouldnt ease at all. It was awful, so found out I was allergic to those. Just thought I would share incase there was something more to her behaviour other than the usual 'drama queen' style of children. Best of luck for the next dose of eye drops!
how were you told to put the drops in - eyes open or closed? I only ask because the last time my mil needed eye drops (admittedly not for a sty) she was told to have her eyes closed, get someone to place the drops in the corner of the eye and then blink rapidly. No idea if it would be the same for the sty but my mil has huge issues with eye drops and found that it was a lot easier using this method because she wasn't looking at the drop as it came down type thing. I know the optometrist used a similar method to put drops in DD1's eyes when she was getting her eyes checked too, might be worth trying and seeing if its a bit easier on her?.

I used to get sty's all the time as a kid. Putting warm/hot water on it with a cotton ball or a face cloth helped heaps. The water needs to be as hot as it can be with out burning. The heat and water makes the skin soften and eventually pops the sty. Also another way was to boil some water with a little bit of salt. Wrap a face cloth around a wooden spoon. Dip the spoon with cloth into the boiling water and then get rid of the drips. Hold the spoon as lose as you can to the eye with out burring the skin. The steam from the cloth softens the skin as mentioned before. I remember it also helped with the pain of the sty's.

Fingers crossed it pops for your little one soon.
My cousin used to do the gold jewellery thing... It worked too... So bizarre to watch!
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