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Hi everyone

Has anyone heard about this weight loss supplement Garcinia Cambogia? It is supposed to be from a fruit in India that assists in weight loss. Has anyone tried it? Did it work?

I have a goal to lose 3 kg before christmas and that will get me close to my pre baby weight. I was just googling low calorie recipes that are suitable for the whole family to eat and I came across this Garcinia Cambogia. Apparently Magda Schbanski (sorry don't know how to spell her last name) used it.

I'm interested if anyone has used it too, I watched a bit on Dr Oz about it, looks too good to be true?

Aka G&L smile

There is another thread on here which was quite recent about this.
I haven't tried it but anything that promises miracle weight loss like this kind of thing does is generally a load of crap. Don't waste your money.
I have just seen the other thread. thanks for bumping it.
My husband is on it and its working... cant take it if your breast feeding or preggo.
Try Plexus Slim. It's in that along with other ingredients.
Does anyone know the cost per bottle?

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