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Hi everyone,
I have been a member for a while, I mostly read the posts, and don't reply much.

I'm 26 and live in chch newzealand, with my DF who is 34
Our kids are master X whom is 6, going on 14, loves to game with his dad, is a very smart pupil when it comes to reading, and is a ball of energy. His mind is going 100 miles an hour from when he wakes, till he is in bed.
Master J whom is 3 is a right wee fire cracker. He goes to kindy, and is a big mums boy. He is very independent, and will throw a good strop if he can't watch fireman Sam. cool

MissBEAUtiful wrote:
me again wrote:
Thanks MissBEAUtiful smile I'll definitely let you know!

Planning on getting most of the baby stuff from Darwin (secondhand) so let me know if you have anything your wanting to get rid of smile
Sure smile Have you found out the gender?

It's a boy smile

24, have a 2 year old daughter, currently suffering through my next pregnancy. Am a nurse in all my spare time tongue

Follow my blog "Bed Rest for Baby" at

Hehe, im a 31 SAHM. I have 7 children (11years-5months) but my eldest 2 live with their father and I get them every 2nd weekend.
My partner who I plan to marry sometime in the future is a 39 year old builder. We live in the wonderful city of Auckland, New Zealand smile

I am a newbie (this is my second post!). I'm 22, live in NZ and am pregnant with my first, due today! I've then 1 year maternity leave from my job as a legal secretary. My DP is 26 and works in agriculture.

I joined when I fell pregnant and have been following posts that are of interest to me but have been too scared to post myself. I'm sure I will have lots of questions for you wonderful ladies once my little girl arrives, which I'm hoping is very soon!
I am a 44yr old sahm to a 4yr old terror smile . My just turned 18yr old dd moved out this year sad My dh works as a parking inspector. He is very very good to me with my chronic daily migraines. I live on the Gold Coast.

Hello everyone smile

Im 28, soon to be 29 on Thursday smile I have an amzing DD who is 5, and is my world. I rarely post on Huggies other than in the TTC threads which I've been part of for way too long! But I read threads often.
I'm a recently qualified early years teacher who works as a inhome child educator while my DD settles in her first year of school.
Im blessed to have an amazing DH,29, who travels the country working so is often away. Been toether 8 years married for 1.5 years.

Hi everyone smile

Im a 24 year old SAHM to my daughter, who is absolutely beautiful but a complete nutter and full of energy (which usually ends up in a new bruise somewhere!) I am also 25 weeks pregnant with our second, this one is a surprise and February can't come around soon enough! Going by the kicks and punches I am feeling at the moment I don't really want to know what they are going to feel like when little Froggy gets bigger and can put a bit of weight behind the little feet!

DH is an accountant, and I was a nurse once apon a time. I finished my training as an RN and only just finished my graduate program 7 weeks before DD was due, and aren't planning on going back to work anytime soon. I love that I am able to stay at home with my daughter, and although I miss work sometimes I don't know where I would find the time to work, DD keeps me busy enough!

This is such a good idea!
It's so nice to read thru this and remind myself who everyone is again smile

I'm Mel, I'm 30 eeeek! My heart belongs to my little Tyler, who has just turned one last month. He's going to be walking any day now. He is the happiest, loveliest little guy! Not a great sleeper, not a great eater either, but a happy boy none the less!
Plans for a 2nd bub are definitely on the cards! We're not actively trying until next year, but we're not preventing at the moment smile
I've been married almost 4 years now. I think DS gets his happy nature from my DH. I'm very lucky to have such a caring, kind, thoughtful hubby!
I'm a SAHM, relief teacher, and care-giver to my 5 month old nephew.

hello huggies peps

I am 24 with a 2 year old girl her name is Bailee, got one on the way. my dp is a SAHD and I am a full time student and work part time too =)

nice to meet you all =)
Hi!!! l'm LoopsyLou (just had name change tonight smile )

35yo part time worker as a lecturer at uni who loves my job. Master 7 is a perfectionist, Master 5 is scared of anything furry (including furry toilet seat floor covers and soft toys) and Little Miss 2 3/4 currently believes she rules the world.

DH is 39 and is meant to be an accountant. Lost his job 3 months ago but has interview on Wednesday smile

Oh, and we celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary on 8th Nov this me going away for a girls weekend tongue Not the best plan for our marriage, but the girls weekend couldn't change, DH has given me his blessings, and when l return on the Saturday, DH & l are re-locating the kids to my parents and heading to the beach for a lovely night away smile

hi smile

mum of 3 here. My son is 8, DD1 is 6 and DD2 turns 3 this weekend (need to get organised....)
I have spent most of the last year as a SAHM and recently retunred to work as a kindy teacher

My husband and I have been married 15 years now and live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in QLD.

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

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