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A few questions regarding grommets! Lock Rss

My DH is an audiologist and has said that its best to keep all water out of his ears (inc. shower/bath). Check with your ENT they should be able to point you in the right direction but I know you can buy ear wraps that keep ear plugs in (and you can also get custom made ear plugs that are made to the shape of your ear canals - I have some and they are great). Hope this helps and good luck for you guys
Using ear plugs in the bath will depend a bit on his age/how responsible he is. When DS had grommets put in we were told to use the plugs in the bath because he was only 1 so would splash etc and probably end up with water in his ear. If your son isn't particularly likely to be splashing etc you should be able to get away without the grommets in the bath most of the time but would need to use them when washing his hair or if there was a possibility of water getting into his ears. If he showers then I'd say use the ear plugs for every shower because you don't want water getting in his ears.

Not sure about which is the better option for ear plugs. With DS they recommended just going with a set size 'standard' one but that was purely because they said with his age etc there wasn't any point in getting one made specificially for his ear because he was going to be growing and his needs would change pretty quickly so there wasn't much point in going for one that was individually shaped and paying the extra money only to be replacing it in a little while.

Swimming caps/bands aren't so much to keep water out - that's what the ear plug is for. It's more to keep the ear plug in place. The pressure difference between above water/under water can dislodge/move the ear plug if there isn't something putting extra "pressure" over the ear. A normal swim cap (just those lycra/rubber ones) should be fine, it's all we were told to use.

Something that our ENT warned us about is that it isn't just water to be careful with when they have grommets. You also need to be careful around sand as that can also get into the ear, through the grommet and lead to infections etc. We were advised to use the ear plugs any time DS was playing in the sand too so at the beach/down at our local park which had sand under all the play equipment etc, especially if DS was likely to be throwing the sand around etc. Might be something to ask your ENT about and see what his suggestion is, but it may not be as big a concern with your son as he's older than mine was when he had the grommets smile

Hope that helps a bit and happy to answer any other questions if I can.

no worries. The sand wasn't something I'd even considered until the ent mentioned it. I knew I'd need to be careful with water etc with DS but when the ent explained about sand it was one of those "well duh!" moments. It's not something you'd think of but it does make sense when someone mentions that it can be something to be careful of.

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