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Just wondering if anyone can answer this... Medical Lock Rss

hi i dont know anything about it but i just googled it and came up with this... hope it helps smile

Haemachromatosis means that your body absorbs too much iron. If you have too much iron in your body then your organs start to 'rust'. People with this disease have blood taken every so often, depending on how bad it is, to lower the blood iron levels. It could be twice a year, but i have an uncle who has his blood taken every 2 weeks as he has it that bad that it only takes 2 weeks for the levels to rise to a dangerous point.

So in answering your question, it doesn't make sense that you have been aenemic all your life if you have this disease. And 95 isnt normal, that is very low. Anything under 120 is low, and anything under 100 is bordering on dangerously low. I would find another Dr and get a second opinion, because to me what you have been told doesn't make sense at all...

My mum has it and my sisters and I are carriers. It is possible for us to develop it at some stage in our lives and our iron is checked regularly. My mum has her blood taken anywhere up to once a week when her levels are high and when closer to normal, more like once a month.
Like the Pumpkin and I said, what your doc is telling you doesn't make total sense. It is quite dangerous if it goes unchecked as your organs store the iron and eventually fail. It can also cause cancer (worst case scenario type thing if left uncontrolled).
My iron has often been quite low and while pregnant I had to take iron to get back to normal levels, but as I said I am only a carrier (at this stage - and sorry, I can't remember the whole genetics side as to karyotypes etc). I am guessing that you may be a carrier too as you have very low iron.
I too would be seeking a second opinion. Hope you get some answers!

**oh and don't quote me but I think it is your ferritin levels you need to monitor most. 95 can be considered normal in this instance
My family has it. My brother has it and cousin have both genes and have to have blood drained every month or so. I am only a carrier of one gene and since I lose blood evey month anyway, it isnt an issue. When I got tested I actually had very low iron levels anyway, so Ive had to go on supplements before and while Im pregnant. Its all rather confusing, but if you are only a carrier then you should be fine. Just have to make sure if you have babies with someone that has it or is a carrier that you get your babies checked for it.
I have this was told about 2 years ago, I got blood taken and they say even tho you have so much iron in your body you feel anaemic, so I feel tired all the time if my levels are bad. If that makes sense? I have moved countries so haven't been to get checked in a while but will now that you reminded me.
There's a lot more to the condition that they tell you or you can google. But pretty much it's 1 in 300 people and its hereditary, so no one in my family that I know has it, obviously going back generations someone would have, both my parents are carriers and all my brothers and sisters, ( all 4 ) are all carriers.
Usually 1 in 4 kids gets it, which was me! But since I have it and my husband doesn't, nor is a carrier, means neither of my kids have it smile
Hope this helps smile
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