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The school bonus? Lock Rss

Kel'sblessings wrote:
i thought it was any child starting prep this year gets the bonus regardless of age, they just have to be starting school this year.
I had to notify centrelink by the end of Dec with which school my dd was going to.

My dd was 5 in April last year. She received the payment at the end of last year and she received the payment today.
I only get family tax, so don't really have anything to do with centrelink and have never spoken to them about schooling. it has all just happened automatically.
I got the payment automatically last year, my ftb is due this Wed. when i checked online services yesterday, it had no record of the School Kids Bonus, I clicked on a link in online services and had to upadte my kids details (one goes to school, one starting kindy), once I had submitted that the payment showed up as being paid this Wed. with my normal FTB. So if you cant see it in Online Services, but are expecting it, maybe try that. Ive had a few friends that have had to do the same thing.

Up date we got the school bonus 2 day. grin
Very happy but now our air- con in the car not working.
So once again more money. unsure

ajna wrote:

Very happy but now our air- con in the car not working.
So once again more money. unsure

That sux!

Atleast you got the School Kids Bonus! Don't see why they said you wouldn't get it for your son! Grrr...

Thanks very much 4 all your reply's.

If you don't get family tax A, then no payment.
I'm not annoyed we don't get it, I'd prefer the gov give more money to the old age pensioners then ppl who don't need the payments, but that won't happen sad

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