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Teachers gift? Lock Rss

So I've been thinking about what to get for my DS1s kindy teacher as it's his last day on Tuesday, so any ideas would be much appreciated!
So far I've been thinking a gift basket with some yummy chocolate like toblerone, maybe a nice 'teachers' mug and I'm not sure what else!
I like the idea about the stickers and stamps, and a voucher sounds nice smile It's so hard buying presents for people lol!

Thanks for the ideas! smile
I just got my d's kindy teachers a lush soap each and he made them a card, you can get lush Santa packs aswell, but I got them a nice soap each delivered online with some other stuff got Christmas smile
I ment it was delivered to me online shopping n I ordered it to make it worthwhile with other presents for different people smile
I'll have to google lush soap I've never heard of it, theres actually a nice shop that sells beautiful smelling soap close by so that's another good idea smile
Tickled pink, I always get so paranoid with baking lol I always think it won't turn out properly! I stress over weird stuff tongue

Thank you ladies for the ideas it's defintely helping me make a plan lol smile
I saw on the today show the other day, Julie Goodwin had some cute ideas for gifts - Like hand painted terracotta pots with herbs in them, I thought that was a cute idea : )
That sounds nice, I had a look on pintrest and they had plants with "thanks for helping me grow" painted on them, pretty cute!!
[quote post="3303520" name="tickled*pink"][b]tickled*pink wrote[/]

You can get the ribbon with the measuring tape print on it from spotlight for about $3 a metre. I bought some just because of those pots on pinterest! laugh Havent used it yet, but i will someday tongue[/quote]
Ooh I'll have to have a look I love going to spotlight lol i could spend a couple of hours just looking at stuff laugh
As an infant teacher, the VERY best gift from parents is them taking the time to write in a card and say thank you and acknowledge the work they have done with your child. I have gotten loads of lovely presents with cards attached that say Dear Mrs J, Merry Christmas from the Jones family and that simply can't compare to an actual message!
Some gifts I loved to receive were

gift vouchers (like for coffee and cake), nice soaps and homemade goodies

I agree so nice to receive a nice card with a personal thank you note smile

Awesome thank you for the suggestions smile it'll definitely be easy writing a nice message for her, she's a fantastic teacher!
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