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Getting full custody of my baby Lock Rss

I am currently 26 weeks pregnant. When i found out i was pregnant he wanted nothing to do with me and wanted me to abort my baby. Now i am in a new relationship the father wants to take my baby for 2 days a week once born and to be at the hospitail when she is born. I have tried a few lawyers but everyone says i need to wait til she is born. Has anyone else been in this situation and how did you go about it. I live in WA
I haven't and I hope your ok but I know when I had my kids it was my choice who was in the room and no one can take that away from u surely.
Good luck
You will have to wait until the baby is born to sort out custody issues.

My biggest piece of advice would be to breastfeed your baby, this will help you lots. The courts will be much more reluctant to make a breastfeeding baby leave its mum for 2 days a week, I don't think they will do it.
But you have to be prepared to see the dad with your baby each week until it gets older, because visitation will happen either way.
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If your really worried hun don't put him on birth certificate at the start will buy you some time to sort out all the legal stuff.

Sure it may not be right or whatever but you and your baby are what matters not him if he'd have his way you wouldn't even be having the baby.

Least he won't have any rights or anything.

What a ass you don't need this crap.

Hi hun, unfortuantley i've been through something similair, though my partner was abusive so i had a little more to stand on. It's not as simple as not putting him on the birth certificate unfortunately, they will demand to know his details, and contact him themselve's, well the do here in VIC anyway. But like previous post's have said there's no way in hell he can take your baby from you for 2 day's a week that's just not realistic, and to be honest there's no such thing as full custody any more im sorry hun, but deffinitly breastfeed if you can. Dont tell him were your having your baby, and in regards to his right's during labor he dosn't have any, he cant make any demands to be there ect, and hospital's have procedure's to deal with thing's like this so it would be best to explain the situation to the hospital/midwife's so they can put procedure's in place and flag your file so when you come in they know there might be a situation.
Why shouldn't he have rights?

I don't know anything about your ex but I think it's a bit harsh to assume he is going to make a bad father and he doesn't have the right to visit his baby, yes the mother has the right to choose who she wants at the birth but he is the father and I don't think he should be denied that right just for being scared in the beginning and making a few mistakes, that's like saying any woman who contemplated abortion or pulled out at the last minute shouldn't get to mother that child.
My brother suggested abortion to his girlfriend too, he was young and scared and wasn't ready to be a dad, he got his head around it after a few months and went back to be supportive, he is now a great dad to a beautiful 2 yr old girl.

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