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I think because there has been so much hype, lots of people are getting their claws out and picking to parts every bit of it. You're not going to get a deep and meaningful or remotely intelligible read from it, but if you read it just for a bit of fun you might just enjoy it. I'm almost half way through the third book - the first one was quite "awakening" for me as I've never read any erotica type books, so I enjoyed it and it spiced up my sex life at the time. By the second book the effect had worn off because it does get a bit like "omg they are at it again" but in saying that I still enjoyed the story line and so I've kept reading.

There have been a few pages I've felt like highlighting and giving to my husband though...

I say give it a read, it's a bit of fun and if you don't like it then you haven't really invested that much of your time or money into it, the first book is only $10ish

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very repetitive..she uses the same words and expressions over and over. It drags on and there is no plot. dont waste your money.
I bought it today. I'm hoping it will help with my libido, dh is hoping too tongue

SammyAhh-boo wrote:
I just finished the first one and will get the last 2 on my kindle. I enjoyed it but I get caught up in characters in a book, and I am drawn towards the underlying vulnerability Mr Grey has so that is keeping me hooked and wanting to know what happens next. I do think that if it were more 'vanilla' and less 'red room of pain' it wouldn't be so popular though.

I just finished the first one and i need the other two as like you im hooked and need to know what happens next!

I find it strange every second woman on my fb page wants Christian Grey so bad though lol... I would hate to be with someone so messed up and kinky haha! Perhaps im just boring but im definitely vanilla and not the red room of pain lol
mumof2gorgeousgirls wrote:
I bought it today. I'm hoping it will help with my libido, dh is hoping too tongue

Haha smile I didn't tell my DH what the books were about & they helped spice up the bedroom for a couple of days so he thought that was great!

I"m about 1/4 of the way through the 2nd book. Loved the 1st one, and look forward to reading the 2nd one. Its basically a Mills and Boon romance with sex lol Nothing wrong with that!!

I have it... only on Chapter 2 though. I've heard awesome things about it and then on the flip side people say its a waste of time. Oh well, time will tell
Hehe just finished reading it last MIL leant it to me while I am off work after having my wisdom teeth out....I had never read erotica before so it was pretty ...eye opening...but worst part was DH was on night work lol...

Anyway the sex parts do get repetitive, it doesnt have much of a story line and did anyone else get annoyed by Ana always saying "oh my..."???

Have only read the first book but not sure if it has enough of a story line to be made into a movie?? And the guy that plays Christian Grey better be PERFECT lol...and Kristen Stewart should definitetly NOT play Ana. Ew. Nothing sexy about her IMO.

I'm waiting for my copy of the trilogy. DH has told me 2 chapters a night is compulsory reading! Lol tongue
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