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Look out!! Lock Rss

It has being quiet.

the way it is makes me not wanna come on as much
I've been trying to check tonight but poor dd2 is sick and teething. I'm hoping she's finally gone to sleep. I had trouble with the forum this arvo, it wasn't updating and I could only see the 1st page. Hopefully it's fixed now. I still prefer the old layout, I guess it's like when facebook changes, you just have to get used to it.

grrr it's not updating again, so frustrating...

Its been so quiet lately, I've been coming on more often to see if it perks up. Also because DS wants to cuddle me all the time so I can't get anything done, my poor sick mister =(

I must admit that the new forum just doesn't do it for me.. I don't have that constant urge to check my huggies haha..

I've been on a couple times today but I get an error page after a few clicks and end up getting frustrated!
I have been trying to read and post replies but nothing seems to be working here either so have been rather frustrated at all the error messages. Oh and I can't seem to make my tickers work again either.

Skippy And The Greek wrote:
Damn, did anyone else see that gigantic tumbleweed just blow though the forum!?

Nope, I didn't! Dammit...I always miss the exciting stuff wink
Skippy And The Greek wrote:
Damn, did anyone else see that gigantic tumbleweed just blow though the forum!?

maybe it's because no freaking posts are coming up in the freaking "active" feed???

I've tried to post mine twice now plus commented on it to get it to push through and NOTHING.

Sick of these freaking glitches!!!!!!!! -are you listening Huggies techs? SICK-OF-IT!

rant over

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Agree with Happy Head. It's not user friendly at all. I miss being able to see all the active threads on one page in front of me rather than a small handful of posts on a page.. iykwim..??

The forum's lost alot of features but I'm yet to see what its actually gained? Vent over.
Good to know I haven't been missing anything grin

I'm so scared more people are going to leave though cos of the new huggies!!

Hi Guys

As with any change it's going to take us a few days for everyone to adjust and also for us to iron out the glitches. In the meantime please bare with us as our IT team is working hard to fix these issues.

If you have anything you don't understand or that is not working for you please shoot us an email at [email protected]

Thanks for your patience and understanding! It's your forum so we want it to work for you!!!
smile Huggies Mods
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