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Announcement: Welcome to the new Huggies Forum Lock Rss

We're really excited to invite you into the new Huggies forum. Come on in and make yourself at home.

It's been a long road to get here. There has literally been months of work put into the new forum – planning, development, design, coding, testing and data manipulation.

To get the old forum posts and other information into the new forum required hours of number-crunching, even on our fast servers.

We moved:
* over 2,500,000 posted replies, in
* over 250,000 topic threads, from
* hundreds of thousands of members

Something old…

Not only does the new forum look different, it also has a different set of features and functionality. Some features and functionality didn't make the cut when we planned the new forum. We're looking at this change as a fresh start and an opportunity to remove less used features. We are doing this to make things simpler, and hopefully more pleasant for everyone to use. The side benefit is that by focusing on the features that matter the most we can make them better and better over time without wasting time on the stuff that was rarely or never used.

We are sure that some people will miss certain things, and in some cases we already have plans to return features to the new forum which we hadn't originally planned to include. When we do that, we will do it in a thoughtful way. We'll look carefully at how things should work, rather than just slap the old onto the new. We also already have plans to continue improving some areas – like the new private messaging system – but we aren't quite ready to show you them yet.

Something new…

I can let you in on a little secret though, part of the reason we have refreshed the forum has been to help us build a mobile friendly version. Work is already under way to bring you Huggies forum on the go! That means that you won't be chained to your computers to check for replies and new topics anymore. We are hoping to launch the mobile version of the forum by the end of July.

This new forum allows us to more easily develop new features like this, including features that better integrate with the rest of the Huggies website. We will also be able to respond to problems much faster than we previously could. Not a lot of this will be apparent straight away, but we consider it an important investment in the future of the community that exists here.

Something borrowed…

We want to thank all the volunteer beta testers who lent us their time to test the forum and provided feedback. Your understanding of the community here on the Huggies website and your valuable input was appreciated and well utilised. It was great to have you "in the room" in the final stages of the project and it's an approach that we are encouraged to use again in the future.

Something blue…

Don't be sad if you think we messed something up. We have been as careful as possible to keep all your words, thoughts, ideas and sharing in good shape. So if something has gone wrong, we want to know about it - [email protected]. If something has wrecked your posts then it's likely it has happened elsewhere, and once we know about it we can probably fix it for everyone in one go.

We really hope you enjoy the new forum,
The Huggies website team
Yay...we're all back!!!

How is everyone?
My_little_dazzler wrote:
Oh boy I'm not too sure I can get used to this new forum O.o

I don't do well with change laugh

That's what I thought when they were doing the test one - it hurt my brain for the first couple of times - but I got used to it very quickly, and I'm sure you will to!
My_little_dazzler wrote:
I think I am getting the hang of it lol aren't I a quick learner

It's definately very...different blink

So to keep a traack of all the recent posts I assume you just click on you would click on forum activity on the old forum, am I correct??

You are correct smile

That's one thing they didn't have in testing, and we were all like "We need a recent activity type page"!
Ah it's back! Very good. Hmm does look a little bit different, but I'll get used to it! I like the challenge of learning it all...
i can see me asking for help alot

So can we only have one lillypie thing now

Sam-283 wrote:
my_little_blessings wrote:
So can we only have one lillypie thing now

You should be able to have more than one.

How can i put my second one up.

Eeeeek this is going to take me a while to get used to... but I'm up for change smile
New forum looks exciting! smile

Getting very frustrated with the tickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mel-O wrote:
Getting very frustrated with the tickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also got it wrong a few times. i took the url part away and finally figured it out. but mine are lilypie tickers
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