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bi_polar. Lock Rss

My closest friend has just been diagnosed with this. im not sure what to say or do. does anyone have any experience with this. help please.
I only know that they have ups and downs which can be full on. My cousin has it and its controlled by medication. She changed when they were TTC but wasnt allowed to breastfeed.
Sorry thats all I know.

My mum was diagnosed with bi-polar about 8 years ago and it was very hard on everyone once she excepted she had the disorder and went on the medication she was fine you wouldn’t know she had it but then she went off her meds and everything went downhill she lost all her kids and turned to heavy drugs I stopped talking to her 4 years ago and don’t plan to ever speak to her again. She also suffers from anxiety and manic depression so all that together is not good! I don’t have any real advice as I am not sure how the disorder is effecting her or how bad it actually is just be there for them through the good and the mad and remember whatever she does it is not her fault and she will get better.
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