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Yes another wedding post from me


With two weeks to go I'm very interested in what others did for their weddings...where, when, how many guests, how it went, how the kids (theirs and others) behaved, how the adults behaved LOL, memorable moments, etc?

I know I could google it and find heaps of wedding stories but would rather here some from my huggies friends

Mine was Ok, if I could I would redo it TBH lol. The ceremony was wonderful and I loved exchanging vows with DH but afterwards it just wasn't exactly how I had hoped it would be. Don't get me wrong, nothing majorly awful happened, just looking back there's alot I would have changed including guests, bridal party, dress, hairstyle, venue, first dance song, and by the end of the night I was so exhausted I wasnt so keen on sealing the deal if you catch my drift lol. I wish I had waited til now that I'm a bit older and hopefully wiser. But the main thing is I have an awesome hubby... And we can always renew our vows someday tongue

I hope your day goes perfectly and is everything you wish for it to be! smile
I loved my wedding day.

Best peice of advice that was given to me and I took on was just have fun and if something doesn't go to plan on the day try not to stress too much about it (ie. nothing you can do about it on the day - my flowers turned up with purple in them when I had asked for no purple), and the other peice of advice was take 10mins away from the reception, just the 2 of you to have a chat and talk about the day. My DH and I did this and it was great, you will be so busy during the day and then at the reception that you feel like you didn't really spend much time together, so taking a bit of time out was great.

But most of all enjoy the day!
DH & I were married April 2010, we had an amazing day wink. Our ceremony was in a beautiful garden followed by pre dinner drinks/appetizers & our reception, we had approx 100 guests celebrate with us.
The day started off looking very over cast, I had a spray tan gone wrong, my hair & flowers weren’t how I imagined them... Blah, blah, blah…..
The most memorable part of the day for me was the look on DH’s face as I was walking down the aisle towards him. From that moment on I realised nothing was going to ruin our day as the small things didn’t matter.
If there is any advice I can give you it would be enjoy every moment of your special day! Don’t stress about things not being quiet right or something going wrong on the day because it is out of your control. You put so much time into organising your wedding & in one day it’s gone, so take it all in & enjoy it.
We truly had an amazing time & will cherish our special day forever!
Enjoy your last 13 days as a bride & wishing you all the very best on your wedding day smile

Yes another wedding post from me


With two weeks to go I'm very interested in what others did for their weddings...where, when, how many guests, how it went, how the kids (theirs and others) behaved, how the adults behaved LOL, memorable moments, etc?

I know I could google it and find heaps of wedding stories but would rather here some from my huggies friends


mine was terrible. we were married in dec last year, and payed $1900 to have it in this beautiful outdoor setting, only for torrential rain to ruin everything. We then had to pay an additional $600 the day of the wedding for a marquee, so essentially $1500 just to get married in a tent. And that was just the venue cost!

My dd who was the flower girl(2 1/2 at the time), screamed and screamed and screamed, and I had to hold her throughout the whole ceremony. She even ripped off one of my fingernails while she was thrashing around.

I'm still utterly heartbroken , as I have never had a nice big event, and I really wanted a special wedding. It was a disaster. I honestly don't have one single happy memory from the day.

People have said that I could do it again. But you can't. It's like saying, have your first born again. Somethings can't be redone, and getting married for the first time is one of those occasions.
We had a lunchtime wedding in April at a garden venue that also did the reception. We invited 35 of our closest friends and family (we budgeted for 50 but in the end only really wanted 39 but 4 couldn't make it). Our wedding for us was perfect. We chose to do a lunctime reception so our wedding would be over in the early evening and we had all afternoon and night together (and plenty of energy for it...) Because we had so few guests we had heaps of opportunities to talk to everyone smile

Your wedding day is what you make it. Lots of people OBSESS about everything being perfect and about impressing other people. I know girls who have got themselves so worked up over details they totally forget the whole point of the day. For me, all I cared about was that we ended up married and could look back with fond memories - and we do! DH loved our wedding, I loved our wedding, our guests had a wonderful time. Good luck for your big day!

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How exciting!!!!

I loved ours!

We were married on a farm outside in the garden. I rode a horse up to the ceremony. Barefoot, green dress. Dh came in a mini. Had the ceremony, drinks/nibbles in the garden. Reception in the barn, with a gypsy band. the barn was lit with candles and for months we collected tim burtonesque branches and we wove fairy lights though them and hung them from the ceiling. flowers were collected from friends gardens and were things like roses, ivy, red berries, lemons, rosemary etc. Food was made by friends and family and the farm put on all the meat and a few other bits and pieces. Wedding cake - a tier of green and pink frog cakes!
35 degrees, everyone had a great time, everyone was well behaved!

Relax and enjoy it!!
it was fantastic, the best wedding I have been to lol. The weather could have been 15 degrees cooler as it was a hot day of 44 degrees.We had around 90 people no kids except my sister who was only 9 at the time and a cousin about the same age.No drunks or bad behaviour from anyone.It went way too fast, and they took away my cake and champagne before I had finished it sad .Everyone had a ball with lots of dancing.
My mum made the cake, a friends mum made the headpieces for the bridesmaids and another friend wrote the invitations.We borrowed cars for the bridal party

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My wedding truly was the best day of my life!

We got married last April and the weather was perfect. Our ceremony was in a glass chapel, so it felt like we were really in a forest. I cried just a little when DH started saying his vows (he had this dumbstruck look on his face the whole day) After the ceremony we cut the cake in the grounds of the chapel. We had photographs there, and then at sunset on the beach. The reception was held at a place that looked like the inside of a palace, I loved the chandelliers. DH's mother was amazed at our first dance - he did so well! We didn't have anyone too drunk (most of my relatives live overseas, so I didn't have any drunk uncles there) We escaped by ferry, because DH didn't want to have our new car messed up by our friends (who would have "decorarted" it with glitter, cans, and shaving cream) It was a wonderful day.

My thing that went wrong:
A week before the wedding, the florist called me to tell me the flowers I wanted were not available as mother's day was just a few weeks away!! It was fine in the end because I got similar flowers to what I wanted, and they were beautiful smile

My funniest moment:
When cutting the cake, DH pushed the knife into the top layer of the cake too hard, and it fell forward, and I had to catch it! It was hillarious! And the photos of me with my mouth wide open and a panicked look on my face are priceless! LOL!

Just remember that your wedding day is about your love for your DF, not about being perfect of about pleasing anyone else. Something will probably go wrong, and if it does, try your best to laugh at the situation before trying to fix it. My advice would be to share the day with your parents and family, as your friends may change more quickly than you think.

Wishing you all the best for your wedding day, and your married life smile

Thanks girls it all sounds so wonderful!

I'm so sorry 97nc that it turned out so horrible for you! And I know what you mean, it really is an only one chance thing and really if you have an amazing DH after it, what more could you ask for!

Thanks for the advice too, I really have surprised myself by being quite relaxed re the details, Im just like, whatever happens on the day happens. All my close friends and family will be there (unfortunately my Mum has passed, but I know will be watching us) and THAT will make the day for DF and I.

VKW your wedding sounds especially lovely...How I wish I could ride a horse sad
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