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Oh your poor puppy!! I work in a vet clinic as a nurse but being in SA I have had zero exp with paralysis ticks as we dont have them here.. we barely have the brown dog tick in my area.. some ppl say that have seen them but extremely rare.

The amount u are spending is a lot but I would say that this is for critical care monitoring. When an animal is THAT sick they require constant care and monitoring, medications etc and yes.. you have to pay for it. But like I said.. it is hard to say if it is a fair price as we dont deal with that particular illness at my vet clinic.

I dont want to hijack your post but just want to defend my profession in a sense, we all need to remember that vet clinics are not government funded, they are often privately owned, there are no medicare benefits, concession cards etc so yes, it may seem expensive.. but really.. you are just paying for what is used, drugs, services etc.

has anyone been to the Dr or the dentist and had voluntary procedures done?? For my tooth to be filled I was quoted $200.. Now I know I could have a dogs teeth scale and polished for that price.. this included anaesthesia, drugs, and constant nurse and veterinary care while at the vet clinic.. compared to a half hour visit to the dentist.

Sorry I dont mean to rant.. I just always hear how vets are soooo expensive, and so unforgiving when it comes to bills etc, but we have to remember, we choose to have pets knowing that these benefits dont include our beloved animals.

I really do hope your puppy gets better quickly!! xx

Hi there,
I appreciate your post. You are absolutely right in terms of why vet work cost amount they do. I have been involved in the animal industry for 12 years now working with and in zoos, wildlife parks and vets. The prices in vet clinics do fluctuate considerably. Thats why vets in town drive bmws and farm vets drive used 4wds. Some vets charge a fee everytime you walk through the door, others let it go if its a follow up. It costs me more to take my dog to a small animal vet to get looked at (no medication or treatment), then it does for a vet to drive 20k to come to my house, load me up with sheep medication and be on call 24/7. Vets vary considerably with treatments they feel are important as well and upselling has sadly become a big part of it. I know one vet that I went to, they tried to tell me I need to feed my dog their range of dog food. Also I have had 10 years experience with giving injections and drips to various animals. But if my dog needed one, I would have buckleys chance of being given them to do myself. Any other animal - not a problem. But a small animal vet would require I bring it in everytime. So from my experience with working alongside all of these people from different areas, is that even though the medications are the same price, and the ailments are the same - what one vet considers a fair price is totally different to another. A vet that is used to working in an affluent area, couldn't possibly charge the same in a low socioeconomic area because they would never get people in the door. A vet working in an area where people don't have a lot of money or a vet working with people who have a lot of animals such as a farm situation charge a whole lot differently when they want the best outcome for the animal, but on a low budget.
Vet nurses work really hard and do a fantastic job, as do vets. I applaud them for the sheer hard work they put in.
All the best!
I get that there's no govt rebate etc.... but there is a huge variation in prices between vets too. When we lived in the city our dog had thousands spent on her to keep her alive, but everything they charged for was warranted and the expected price. She gets ear infections quite often.... about 6 per year regardless of the ear washes we do.

We moved to the country.... and all of a sudden the vet here wants to flush her ears everytime at $300 a shot! I got caught the first time and had to pay it.... nowadays I refuse as the reason for my visit is to get antibiotic drops.

You can't tell me that's not overpriced. All they use is saline which I could buy at a chemist and do myself with a syringe....
He tried to tell me it was a 'special solution called saline' . Well! I'm a nurse and we have 'salt water' at work too. Grrrrrr

Ps: I hope your pup is going ok smile just had to reply to that post though because I wanted to point out that there ARE vets that do take advantage.

Oh.... and when I was in Adelaide the emergency clinic charged us $300 a night, and that included the drugs and hydration.
When you think about it... there's one or two staff... their wages would be covered easily if each animal cost $300 per night as well as cover costs. What you're paying does sound excessive. Why don't you get them to itemise the costs so you can see what you're paying for, and call another clinic to see what they would have charged.

Oh absolutely i agree with both of you!! There are some clinics that would take advantage.. just using saline to clean ears out? We use an ear wash that does include saline but has malaseb too..

My clinic is mid range and in some areas, low range in our costing but because we are the only clinic within half an hour of our town ppl think we are dearer..

I asked hte vet at work, she said that sort of pricing sounds like something you would get at a university vet clinic, where there is hour per hour monitoring and constant rotation, oxygen therapy etc.. but even still.. we would never charge someone that.. it isnt realistic!! gasp/ this is per her words.. Our critical care is $200/hour with a nurse standing with the animal the whole time.. but say an animal needs this for half a day.. we would only charge the one hour!!

Hope I havent upset anyone. How is your puppy going today??
grrrr Chalys...don't you hate it when they are talking down to you as though you have no clue.....had to laugh at the "special solution" though.

I don't think you would have upset anyone simone24. wink We just don't like people getting away with taking advantage of those in a vulnerable situation. I found a vet blog from NSW in 2010 and it basically said they didn't have enough tick serum for the number of cases. Perhaps that pushed the price of the serum up for this season? who knows...either way - whatever the situation, don't just accept it, get other opinions!

hope your puppy is much better today!
After 3 days of constant care, my lovely pup died yesterday.
I am devastated. My kids are so upset. His lungs went and they did their best. I feel so guilty that i didnt find the tick.

My poor dog. I had to dig the hole in the yard and bury him. I put his blanket and his favorite toy in with him.

After 3 days of constant care, my lovely pup died yesterday.
I am devastated. My kids are so upset. His lungs went and they did their best. I feel so guilty that i didnt find the tick.

My poor dog. I had to dig the hole in the yard and bury him. I put his blanket and his favorite toy in with him.

Oh no GBH sad Im sooo sorry to hear that Chloe..may he rest in peace xx
Oh poor puppy sad
I'm so sorry for your loss.

Oh no GBH sad Im sooo sorry to hear that Chloe..may he rest in peace xx

I thought he was going to make it. I went and saw him saturday afternoon.
He looked brighter and he was wagging his tail and gave me kisses.
But he didnt. I can not stop crying.
And the worst thing is my youngest does not understand.
I have told her and showed her where he is buried, but she keeps asking to see himand cuddle him. sad

Oh poor puppy sad
I'm so sorry for your loss.

ohhhh Chloe.....I am so sorry. Please don't feel guilty about the tick, they can be so hard to find.....
It is heartbreaking when you lose a pet. I am just so sorry.
Take care of yourself.
oh my gosh, i so terribly sorry, that's awful but you shouldn't blame yourself, you didn't want this to happen.

as for you baby, just keep telling them that he is in heaven and that they can still love him from heaven.

you can buy this sort of rock thing with a plaque on in, in memory of your doggy and put it in the garden maybe that will help them to understand better.

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

I'm sorry about what happened.

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