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there was an envelope in our letterbox promoting a coffee van which I have seen in the front yard of a house down the street.I opened the envelope expecting to get a flyer or something but the envelope only contained gold glitter which is still all over my table and floor!What a dumb idea that was, no way will I buy their coffee !

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

i wouldn't want to buy it either after that. that was very stupid of them
no one will like that
I have a friend that does this with Christmas cards that she sends. The first time she did it, I ended up with glitter everywhere and it took me weeks before it was all cleared up properly.

Now that I KNOW she does this every year with her christmas card, I make sure that I open them outside!

What were they actually hoping to achieve with the gold glitter? One has to wonder who was behind that bright marketing idea! ** Note - extreme sarcasm used ** ;P

everyone should get together and send them envelopes of glitter back.........or just tip glitter all over the coffee van LOL

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