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Hi everyone
Was wondering if anyone has used a modelling agency and whether they could reccommend one.
Hubby & I have talked about it, I'm still indecisive on whether I want to put my little man through it.
So if anyone has got good/bad stories please tell me.
If anyone knows of a agency in the Central coast/ Newcastle area please tell me.
i would be interested in this as well - in new zealand auckland. and if you have a sign up what are the chances of getting work or a job?

Melissa,AkldNZ,9mth boy

i had Taneesha in a modelling agency last yr athough she sisnt get any jobs. she was their youngest member plus the photo they took whas horrid she looked like a boy as i had to sit behine a white sheet and hold her as she wasnt sitting up by her self at that age so i couldnt see her or anything, i will be putting her back in the agency this yr just gotta have the money to do so, i wont have to hold her this time so the photo should be good, the agency is in dandenong melbourne

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

what agency was it??

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

All stars they on the south gippy highway, dandenong next to tip top

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

I rang AllStars today to find out more, they seem to be the only ones I can find who have babies. I had a look at their website and wasn't too impressed, didn't seem very professional. They actually say on their site - "An agency is not set up to finance a model or actors career, it is not a bank or a financial institution." which I think is laughable! But I guess, an agent for ypur 6mth old doesn't need to be super-dooper, does it? Not gonna ruin their career!

Anyway Taneesha's mummy, good to hear from someone who's used them before, I wanted to know do you have to get the headshot done through them? Are there any other fees to join?

They're the ones that I posted their details on another thread, did you end up ringing them, brandon's mum?

I used to be a professional dancer & had a great agent, thought I might get back in touch with him to find out about a good one for babies. I'll let you know if I get on to anything.

I'm the same as you Casper, not really sure if I want her to do it or not... In the end I figured that it can't hurt to go see some to find out more, at this age it's not going to damage them or give the wrong msgs & you could end up with great photos out of it. I'd probably reconsider whether to keep doing it when she got older though, depending on what sort of kid she was & if she liked it. I'm sure you would've already but have you tried looking for any on the net? When I tried to find more I did a 'find similar pages' search in Google from the AllStars site.

Hey Mel,
Yeah i got Taneesha's head shots through them they do it at All stars,
um i think i had to pay $280 all together i emailed them the other week bout putting Taneesha back in and weather i would have to start from scratch again or not they emailed me back and said no i dont and i get a reduced rate and only have to pay $220 as Taneesha was previously a model of theirs,
this includes head shot access to Taneesha's web site on there's password protected of course,12 mths repensentation etc

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

Wow that's a lot of money...

Ok casper, found some good sites to find some agencies. This one has links to the best agencies in NSW, Qld, SA, Vic & WA.

Victorians, I'd recommend using this one

I can actually remember hearing about Bubblegum & Bambini years ago, I'm going to try these one's first.

Hope this helps, good luck with it all!


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