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How much does it cost to see a private gyno? Lock Rss

I know it's meant to be expensive, but I have no idea what to expect?
A rough idea would be great
Thanks smile

I think my first appointment was about $150 and then my health insurance covered the procedure I had to have and the follow up appointment. I just had to pay the gap.

Guess it depends what the problem is.

Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

My initial appointment was $150.00.

Then any subsequent appointments (while referral was still current) were $75.00 per/visit.

I got $35 back from Medicare on each occasion.

Hope that helps smile
To see my OBGYN for a gyno problem it cost $250 but that included all appointments (had 6). My private health paid for my hospital stay and the prodedure except for the anehetist(SP?) who was $450 out of pocket.

For OB care it was $1600 but then nothing else.

My first appointment was $150 from what I can remember and then every appointment after that was $95 and because we had reached the Medicare threshold we got more back for those appointments... Because I was pregnant she also had a management fee which was $1600... And then our health fund paid for the hospital stay except for the gap which is what we paid which was $780... We will deffinately be going private again even with all those expenses
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