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if there are any fabric lovers out there... this company is having a closing down sale, you can find her on facebook as well
She's closing down?!?!?! But I LOVE her stuff!!!!
i know i love her stuff too.. she is only closing down for a while she said she will be back though...
Better go have a look-see. I think my bank balance is going to hate
lol, i just bought some off the pink bundle that she had on her facebook page, it was so pretty
Yeah I saw that, it loks fantastic! I'm trying to be good because I just spent money on some Itti Bitti nappies that were on special hahaha
hehe its so hard to be good... when there is so much nice fabric out there and lots off sales...

i'm going to make a shaggy quilt for DD and use that as the border thingy... going to ask my mum for some help with it though since its my first try at quilting... smile
I just bought some cute Owl fabric from Spotlight to make another quilt for my DD. This will be my second quilt. They are so much fun to make! i have the bug now smile
my mum has been making them for years, she started when my younger sister was about 3 or 4 years old and she is now 20.. and she has made some awesome quilts, she made me a really lovely one last year with butterflys on it and its not to girly so i can put it on our bed and my DH won't throw up a stink about it...
I have just been looking at her fabric and it looks beautiful.

Just have a question (I am VERY new to the sewing/craft scene)....I am wanting to make some fitted sheets (for both standard Single Bed & a Cot) but not too sure how the fat quarters work or can I use her fabric for this sort of stuff??

You ladies sound a bit more knowledgeable on this than me!

Thanks for your help
Ok so a fat quarter is 1/4 of a meter, then you get 2 fat quarters which is half a meter then you can get 4 fat quarters which is a meter... I'm not sure if her fabric is suitable for sheets but you can always send her a email at [email protected] and she can answer you question as to whether the fabrics she has are suitable for sheets..

Hope that helps... My mum taught me to sew when I was about 10 yes old, and I love it and it's a handy skill to have...
Thank you so much! Explains it well. I jumped on her facebook page and asked her a few questions.

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