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alot of $$ off centrelink?? Rss

my sister had a baby a few months ago, he has a heart problem that will be fixed this year. there is a hole in it.
he is a completely normal baby otherwise and you would never know. in fact he is the most well behaved baby i have ever seen.
she has told me that she gets over $1300 P/F off centrelink this includes the baby bonus. she also has a pension card.
the thing is her partner earns more than mine (about $200pw more) so around 600-700 a week, and she is getting this much money???? does this seem right?

i dont have a pension card and i thought it was for single parent??

her partner is claiming workcover atm for dropping some steel sheet on his hip but there is NOTHING wrong with him at all!!! i seen him 2 weeks ago and he was running around partying etc and his still on it.
he has his addresss at his mums house not were they live togther.

anyway do you think she is ripping centrelink off?
she says she is getting carers pension also..

she gets more than 2 times as much as me i have 2 kids and my husband is an apprentice so his on min wages.. thanks smile

Sounds like she's ripping the system off.

I knew a person who was ripping the system off and is now in jail.

Hope she doesn't get caught.
I would say definitely ripping the system. Why would he need to have his address at his mother's house? Sounds a bit suss to me. Also, I know when DP and I moved in together, I lost my pension card (was previously on single parent payment) and got a health care card in replacement. And DP was on a disability pension, so not even working at the time! She gets near triple what I get! With her DP working, that's ALOT of money to be getting of Centrelink!
It sounds like she is claiming single parenting payment, FTB and getting the baby bonus.

There is no way she would be on the money if she was claiming the right payments because of her partners income. She shouldn't be eligible for a pension card but maybe a health care card.

When DH was earning $600 a week, I could only get FTB ($550 a fortnight) and a health care card.

She sounds dodgy to me.

do you think she is ripping centrelink off?

Hell yeah! I hope she gets busted.
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