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I have a hair appt on Tuesday, it's meant to be when I get my hair done for my wedding <span class="emoticon sad">sad</span> So seems as that is not happening I want to do something completely different! I'm going blonde (used to be about 3yrs ago), lots of foils, not just all over colour.. But any other help? I want a different cut.. This photo was taken on my 21st and I'm 23 now but I still look like that lol.. Hair is long and same colour (except slightly more red now) so want something different!!! Thanks

ETA - My hair is naturally wavy/curly.. I straightened it in this pic!

What about a short "bob" that frames ur face?? And sandy blonde hair with copper and brown highlights??
ive got no idea if it would suit you but whenever i want a change i get a fringe along with a cut and/or colour and find that to sometimes be enough to make me look different without being dramatic.
I think a fringe too!
I know you want to go blonder but you would look great darker too!
blonder for sure that would be heaps cute and i agree, just lots of foils maybe BLONDE foils and caramel ones?

i wouldn't chop too much hair off before the wedding as it limits your choices on hair do's but after the wedding i think cutting just above the shoulder with LOTS of layers esspecially round your face...keep the side part smile

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