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What does your DH/DP/DF do for work? Lock Rss

Just a random question. What do they do for work? Do they enjoy their job? Do they earn enough? [dont have to be exact on that one]. What would they LIKE to do for work given the chance?

Me first: DH is a house painter. We own our own business. He enjoys what he does and enjoys the fact he's not in one place all the time. The money can vary dramatically each financial year but on a whole he earns enough for our family of 6 for me not to have to work. Which is a blessing. I'm not sure what his 'dream job' would be, maybe doing up old cars and reselling them for a living.
My DP is a fitter machinist, he doesnt enjoy it very much because the company he works for are tight as a fish B hole, as they only buy in cheap tools for hinm to work with and they dont work properly, so he gets very frustrated. But there isnt really any other places here for him to take his skills atm, and his dream job is also to do up cars grin
my DP is a Fork lift driver in a freezer, he hates it.. actually he loves the job.. hates the people tongue OH&S is up the bum hole and he constantly fights with management about well management. Pay is crap, barely scrape thru a week but hopefully after lil miss is out thats going to change with him doing something about it. we've had to wait for her to be born as he has got holiday worked up and knowing our luck if he went for another job he would get it straight away and i'll be left with his help after bub is born! Oh and i'm a stay at home mum.. we actually end up worse off if i go back to work go figure.
I don't actually have a DP/DH lol, but when I did...

exDH was in sales - first in a Joyce mayne store & then working from home as a wine rep. We always had enough money, not tons, but enough for me to be a SAHM & could have had 2 or 3 more kids.

(xDP after that was a chef, but spent about half the time we were together out of work (went through 3 jobs in 10 months) so no, he didn't make enough! When he was working it was good money - but DS & I rarely saw any of it as after he paid the rent it all went on beer & smokes, so I was left paying everything else out of the little FTB I got. When he wasn't working, he got about $540 a f/n & the house cost $500 of that.
DP works FIFO 2 on 1 off in the pilbra as an all rounder (driving different equipment-graders,dozer,loader, trucks ect)
Its fantastic money but obviously at a cost..him only being home every 3rd week
DP is an Apple computer technician and works for a prestige all boys private school. He earns VERY good money now, but 2 years ago when we moved from QLD to WA and he was working for a smallish company he was only earning $34k a year, which is minimum wage i think.
Since being with the school for 18months his pay has increased 3 times, with the last one being last week, and he is on double now which is awesome!

My ex was a drop kick loser, and would only go to work when "he felt like it" so we were ALWAYS living off my money, so im glad to be in a stable relationship now, especially since we have a family smile
DH works underground driving a loader and charge up loves the work and money is excellent

DH is a truck driver and has fially found a job and company that he really likes. The contract that DH was doing for them has run out and they didnt get it back so they are ging to train him on the earthmoving side of things which is something he has always wanted to do.
We are on good money but like everyone find it goes out quickly.
He is doing what he always wanted to do. Only thing he would like now is a Kenworth to drive.....his dream truck. He has driven all kinds and is currently in a freightliner.

My DP is a farm manager and loves his job.We moved from the city to the country so he could work on a farm,its the best move we've ever made.The hours can be all over the place but it can also be flexible and he even takes DD1 to work sometimes to give me a break.
DH is a Telecommunication Technician and he works for a small business atm, he started out in Telstra but left after his traineeship was finished.

We are low income earners, under the $40k mark.

He likes his job....somedays lol. He has always wanted to own his own business. Atm he is looking into an online business with a friend.
DF is a body piercer. He loves his job and gets to work with some really cool guys which are his mates so he is pretty lucky. They close over Christmas as they all have families and kids. The money is okay. It depends on how many piercings he does as to how much money he gets obviously.

He is also the tattoo shops shop hand so sets up and brakes down the tattooists stations, does all the cleaning, emailing and calling clients and booking in appointments and all that stuff too.

It's his dream job, he loves it. Wish the money was a bit better but he's doing what he loves so that counts for alot.

DH works as a Safety Advisor up in Karratha at the Pluto gas plant. He loves his job heaps, safety is the area he's passionate about and always wanted to work in!! The money is awesome so we live very comfortably however he is away for 3 weeks at a time but it's definitely worth it for the money and to be able to get ahead and for him to further his career =)
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