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Single mums trying to find a man Lock Rss

Hey guys,
i was just wondering if anyone has had success dating, I'm trying to and i've realised that most of the men i go out with are fine until they have to spend time with my son, then they run as fast as they can. Rhylee has sleepovers at his dads one night a weekend or sometimes even once a fortnight, which doesnt really give me much time for myself let alone a man.

BeC TeeN MuM oF RHYLee BoRN 11/12/03

have you considered your age and the possibilities most men are no strings attached??? if you are a teenager, then perhaps you should let the father look after your son more often to give you time to yourself!
yes i have considered that, i tell everyone i have a son before we go out, and they say they are fine with that, but then when they see me with Rhylee they back off. I've tried talking with my ex-boyfriend but he doesnt seem to understand that i need time to myself sometimes too, and thinks of it only as an inconvenience to himself.

BeC TeeN MuM oF RHYLee BoRN 11/12/03

You have to find yourself an older more mature guy that doesnt mind if you have a kid.(Hard, i know). The thing is that you usually meet someone when you're not really looking. Can you get out at night time occasionally to a nightclub or singles meet?
Hi Teen Mum,

What about speed dating?

You get to have dinner, speak to about 10 different guys for 5 mins (tell them about your son, & how you been unlucky to find someone), then each person writes down who they would like to see, if someone has your name and you have theirs, whamo there is a date and a potential future partner. You could do this on a Saturday night with a girlfriend, since bubs is at his dad's.

My sister is unlucky in love and I have recommended this to her for ages. The people who arrange these speed dates make sure people are similar ages etc. I hear it is good fun, and even if you do not meet anyone, at least you can have a laugh.
Hey guys, thanx for the ideas, i'll have to ask around see what i can find out about a singles meet or speed dating, i'm sure even if i dont find mr. right or even mr. wrong ill atleast have fun and may even get some new mates out of the experience.

BeC TeeN MuM oF RHYLee BoRN 11/12/03

Hi Teen Mum

Absolutely! and you never know where that special man might pop up!

Older men too are usually more mature as well! and I think would be more accommodating to the fact that you have a little boy!

good luck and let us know how you go!



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi Teen-Mum,
I know how you feel. I've been separated with my daughters father for over a year now. All i can say is at least you had a look in. In that year period i've been totally single, not even a coffee!!! and i'm only 21. I feel as if i will be single for the rest of my life!!! I have no time to myself. Her father doesnt take her at all!!!

Well thats my boring life....

Mum to Vanessa (April 03)

I know the feeling too. Maya is 19 mths and her dad and I split up when she was only 3 mths old. I'm pretty busy, I work full time etc. but I do look at some of my older single friends (I'm 23) and think My God I don't want to end up 30 and single! I know that sounds silly, but I am so paranoid.
Course it doesn't help that Maya's dad is still hanging around. The last few months he has been watching Maya on Sat nights so I can go out, and taking her out on Sundays, so he ends up staying Sat night. I'm stoked that he's (finally) showing an interest in her, but how am I ever going to meet someone else when my ex stays at my house every weekend. GRRRRRR!

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Hey guys,
Well i've just gotten home from a date. WOW! hehe. I went out with this guy Matt about 4years ago, we still keep in contact occassionally, and my most recent ex-boyfriend was in a car accident about 3months ago (he's doing better now), Matt called to see if i was alright, and told me he still had feelings for me so we went out and yeah it proved to be alright, and since he knows Rhylee he is fine with him. Crossing my fingers all stays well.

Thanks melis.

Hey Selly, Wow! i dont know how you have coped, you must be super mum. Dont worry you wont be single forever, maybe organise for someone to look after your daughter for time to time so you can have a break and catch up with friends or whatever just have some you time.

Emmy-Lou, Your the same as me pretty much, Rhylees dad and i split up when Rhylee was 3 months aswell, only we were still best friends so we would stay at each others places and help the other one out, but then he stopped staying here and only asked me to stay there, i started to realise that he was only using me so that when i was there he didnt have to do anything, then he told me he was going to china for a month or so with some work exchange thing, so that he could see me more often which in the end broke me and my recent ex-boyfriend up, but he has never once paid me for child support hasnt bought anything for rhylee, nothing and ofcourse i have been supporting him for 3 years and now he wont even talk to me unless its about rhylee so i know its a pain in the bum. But Keep up the good work and dont worry you have forever til your 30 you definately wont be single til then.

BeC TeeN MuM oF RHYLee BoRN 11/12/03

Hi Teen Mum,

That is fantastic news about your date, you will have to keep us informed on how things go between you and Matt.
Hey Jacksmom,
I'm so exctied haha i dont think i have stopped smiling all day. I will keep it posted but so far so good.

BeC TeeN MuM oF RHYLee BoRN 11/12/03

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