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Gas or electric oven........... Lock Rss

What do you have???

Do you l;ike it???

Am after opinions on NEW electric ovens.....

I grew up with gas, my 1st place had electric as did my 2nd and both were crap!!!!!
This house has all gas cooking, but the oven shat itself.... allcovered on insurance..... SO there is now only 1 gas wall oven I can buy..... I have had the quotes faxed off and now the ins company have approved tha claim but want me to order the oven and send an invoice off.... this has got me stumped! I was hoping to get the chq made out to the store and go in and decide what I want.... I spoke to the store and they are willing to do a tac invoice for the gas oven etc to get the ball rolling so the chq will be made out to the store but I can still go get what I want, and should have enough for a new stove top etc as well.......

SO I have heard electric ovens are now good???

What do you think???
i'd go gas as you can still cook in a power outage smile

we had a chef fan forced.. loved it..

we now have a regular elec oven.. hate it... burns the bottom of stuff before the middle is cooked.. grrrr

i have only really used fan forced electric.
I think they are great but I love a gas cooktop tho!

i'd go gas as you can still cook in a power outage smile

I don't know if the new ones are different but our one now we never could, it is a safety feature of gas ovens apparently, their is an electrical panel in them that needs to be going or the gas won't turn on.... thats what actually burnt out on it!!!

So needs to be fan forced if I go electric???
oh and Some one I wil DEFINATELY be going gas cook top again, I HATE electric cook tops with a passion!!!! I had ones for about 6 years and I never got used to nopt being able to just turn them down!!! LOL I was forver boiling things over onto the stove and DH yelling at me to lift the bloody pots off!!!!

We have bottled gas but it really doesn't cost much for gas cooking
hmmm on my mums you could always cook in an outage.. oh but she had the full stove... maybe thats why...

yep prefer fan forced

Fan force electric oven and gas stove top.
I have a electric oven which i hate but the stove top is gas which i love. Next house i want it all to be gas it better for us incase we have a cyclone or lose power.

Fan force electric oven and gas stove top.

I agree 100%. WE've just gone from full electric to full gas but I'd have the combo if I could.
electric ovens are better they cook more evenly but would def go for a gas stove top

We have a GLEM freestanding oven/cooker. Our Oven. It is great because you can have the gas stove top and you have the option to choose whether you want your oven to be gas or electric (when you connect the oven part up you choose whether to plumb it into gas or wire it up to just be electric). We hooked ours up to gas and I love baking with it. It is 90cm wide which is great too! The middle burner on the stove top is a wok burner so you get a nice hot flame from it.
I have always had electric until we moved here 3 years ago and it is a gas oven and I LOVE it!!!!

There is no way I will ever go back to an electric oven again!

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